Top Signs That You Have A Strong Relationship With Yourself

When you’re working with the Law of Attraction, it’s vital to have a good relationship with yourself if you want to be able to manifest the things you desire. Regardless of whether you’re trying to attract love or something else entirely, you need to know how to take care of yourself, practice self-discipline and identify your needs. If you can’t do these things, you’ll vibrate on a low frequency of lack rather than one of abundance.

But how do you know if you have an appropriately strong relationship with yourself? Here are the top signs, along with tips to boost your self-knowledge and self-love.

You Share To Connect

Social media can be a great tool for staying close to distant friends and catching up with the exciting events in other people’s lives. However, it can also be used in a toxic way. For example, you might embellish or present your life in a certain way so as to receive validation. Or, you might relentlessly compare yourself to your “friends”.

To enhance your relationship with yourself, ask why you’re posting something before you post it. If you’re looking to boost shaky self-esteem or to make someone jealous, hold off. You’ll feel better for it in the long run.

top-signs-strong-relationship-yourselfYou Have A Productive Self-Care Routine

You need to know when to put yourself first in order to replenish your energy! Both mental and physical.

If you’re in a relationship or just tend to want to rescue other people, you may pour so much energy into these areas of your life that you forget to tend to your own basic needs.

If you suspect you’re not spending enough time on self-care, make a list of 10-15 things that make you feel relaxed, happy and rejuvenated, then make it your mission to do at least one of these every day.

TIP: If you are struggling for ideas, check out our list of 81 activities you can add to your self-care routine today!

You Know Yourself And Accept Your Flaws

Having a strong relationship with yourself isn’t about thinking you’re perfect or beyond reproach.

In fact, it’s a lot more about facing up to the reality of who you are. For example, accepting the parts that you like, and the parts that might need a little work.

However, it’s important to maintain some perspective as you think about your flaws. A great exercise involves imagining what other people would say if you reported a particular flaw. When you do this, you’ll often see that the flaw isn’t as big as it seems, or can even be construed as a strength.

You Are Genuinely Sex-Positive

This concept means different things to different people, but finding a way to be sex positive is a big part of having a good relationship with yourself.

The basic thought is that you are comfortable with your own sexual boundaries and preferences. You’re able to view sex as something that’s both healthy and part of your autonomy.If you’ve been in unhealthy relationships with others then this may be difficult for you. It can help to simply take half an hour to remind yourself of what you will and won’t accept in a sex life, and what you strive for.

If you’ve been in unhealthy relationships with others then this may be difficult for you. It can help to simply take half an hour to remind yourself of what you will and won’t accept in a sex life, and what you strive for.

You Maintain Healthy Relationships

Take a critical look at your close relationships and ask whether they make you feel good or bad. Are they reciprocal, mutually valuing and a source of joy? Or are they controlling, conflict-ridden and draining?

While you don’t necessarily need to end difficult relationships, you’ll benefit from having very clear standards for what you expect in a friendship. Plus, you'll grow from generating strategies to maintain those standards, even when that means being firm and direct.

top-signs-strong-relationship-yourselfYou Are Compassionate

Being kind to others takes very little effort and can make a hugely positive difference to the world. From avoiding gossip to engaging in random acts of kindness, you boost your own vibration every time you act in a loving way.

In short: if you’re compassionate then not only will other feel better but you’ll feel better too. To add more compassion to your life, come up with a dozen ways to be kind to loved ones and strangers, and aim to enact one of these every day.

You Make Your Own Judgements

Finally, you have to believe in yourself and in your own judgment if you’re going to maintain a loving, nurturing relationship with yourself. This means that although you might ask for input and advice, you are ultimately the one who makes the choices about the direction and purpose of your life.

It also means that your self-worth comes from within and is based on your assessment of your achievements and worthiness, not on compliments or insults from others.

This is another reason why those who have a strong relationship with themselves are typically better at working with the Law of Attraction. They’re better able to set goals that really matter to them, rather than pursuing things that other people want from them.