Lessons In Success From Walt Disney

‘Think, believe, dream and dare.’ – Walt Disney

There is a particular attitude that sets the magnificent apart from the mediocre. The great Walt Disney knew this all too well – it’s called the success attitude.

Some people are born with it, others have to develop it, but what we know for certain is this – those that have an attitude of wanting to do well are often remembered for the great lives they led.

Look at the life of Walt Disney. Leaving behind him a legacy of magic and dreams, Walt is still regarded today as the poster boy for possibility. After all, if his life taught us one thing, it was that anything is possible.

It was his unwavering belief in possibility and a life without limits that gave Walt the positive attitude that helped him to become the great man we remember today. He wasn’t born into success; but those that met him would have believed otherwise. He lived his entire life in a positive mindset. It is said that when he headed West to pursue his dreams, Walt sold everything that he owned – all so that he could travel with a first class ticket. What a better example than this, to demonstrate the success attitude that helped him start it all?

If you too were to master an attitude of success, there would be no ceilings to what could be possible for you.

Walt Disney was once famously quoted as saying ‘Think, believe, dream and dare’. Let’s take a closer look at each of these, for a clearer understanding of the success attitude and how you too can use it for bolder, more happier living.

1. Think

Every action, every fulfilled dream, and every pursued passion – they must all begin with a thought.

It is as the Law of Attraction teaches us, where our mind goes our reality follows. So, rid your mind of all limits and negativity and begin to think BIG. This may help you start laying the foundations on which you are going to build your dreams.

2. Believe

Before you receive, you must first learn how to believe. Having a dream or an idea is not enough; you need to believe that they are possible for you. After all, when something is not believable to you, you’re never really going to give it all the energy and attention it needs to become a reality.

Remember how Walt Disney sold all of his possessions for a first class ticket that guaranteed him nothing? He brought that ticket with the belief that it would take him to his dreams – and it did. Learn to have the same level of conviction in your dreams.

3. Dream

As children, we are continually sharing with others what we dream of doing when we grow up. Never lose this. Live your life forever in awe and anticipation of your dreams. When you fulfil one – don’t forget to dream up others.

Most importantly of all – DREAM BIG. You are a limitless being so why settle for the mediocre and mundane? Everything is possible for you – live your life in this knowledge and let it inspire you to dream bolder, bigger and better.

4. Dare

To chase the magnificent and marvellous, you have to have daring. Walt Disney lived a daring life and it paid off. So, how daring are you willing to get in pursuit of your dreams?

Be a leader; pursue your dreams relentlessly and strive to make the impossible, possible. I dare you.

There are no limits to what you can have, be or achieve. Walt Disney called himself a success long before anyone else did. Why not do the same?