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Law Of Attraction Articles

6 Affirmations For Overcoming Dating Insecurities


Along with financial success, career satisfaction and general personal development, true love is one of the most common goals for those who are learning how to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives. And, as you’re probably already aware, affirmations are some of the best tools in your arsenal—they help you to reshape problematic, negative beliefs into productive, positive ones. You can tailor your affirmations to suit any romantic aim and reflect any challenge that you’re determined to move past. Here are six sample affirmations for overcoming dating insecurities, but feel free to tweak... Read more »

Flowers And The Law Of Attraction


As you’ve probably figured out by now, the beauty of the Law of Attraction is that it can be used a wide array of incredibly creative ways. The tools you learn can influence everything from your thinking style to your morning routines, your social interactions and your living environment. So, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that there are fun and powerful ways to incorporate flowers into your work with the Law of Attraction. Whether you decide to use them to help you create change in relationships or to adapt how you feel in your home, these tips about flower types and colors are sure to spark... Read more »

7 Tips That Will Boost Your Concentration

How to Stay Focused

Part of what is so appealing about the Law of Attraction is that it offers a wide range of tools that increase productivity and help you to focus on the positive. However, even if you’re practicing creative visualization exercises every day and steadily moving towards your goals, there are bound to be times when you struggle to focus. Here are seven tricks that will help you to accomplish more every day, and encourage you to make the very best of your day. 1. Look At Potential Sources Of Time-Wasting If you ever feel like you’re procrastinating, don’t berate yourself and dwell on negative thoughts... Read more »

8 Ways To Practice Self-Care Every Day

self care

Positivity is a core value for those who are working with the Law of Attraction, but it can be easy to forget that being positive isn’t just about being good to others and trying to be optimistic. You also need to nurture a positive self-image, truly believing that you’re deserving of great things. One of the best ways to increase your self-esteem is to diligently practice self-care—meeting your own needs communicates to your subconscious that you’re a value person, and also helps to keep your energy levels higher. Here are eight ways to practice self-care every day. 1. Be Grateful For Your... Read more »

5 Ways To Use The Law Of Attraction In Long-Distance Relationships

long distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is increasingly common—perhaps in part because of increasing willingness to travel for work and in part because all of our technological advances make it easier to maintain a relationship without as much in-person contact. Nevertheless, being apart from your beloved definitely comes with plenty of challenges, and creative thinking is required to maintain that crucial spark. Here are five ways to use the Law of Attraction as a tool to help you stay close to your partner across the miles. 1. Make A Relationship Dream Board As you probably know, dream boards are... Read more »

8 Hobbies That Enhance Your Use Of The Law Of Attraction


As you will know from reading about how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool to enhance your life, there are certain practices that are extremely importance. For example, the art of learning how to creatively visualize your goals combines with both verbal and symbolic affirmations to create a constant sense of moving towards a better future. However, there are also certain hobbies that automatically help you to use the Law of Attraction more effectively. Here are eight suggestions to try, along with an explanation of why each can be so powerful. 1. Playing A Musical Instrument Whether... Read more »

A Guide To Using Colors To Enhance Your Mood

color living room

While you may well have a favorite color, have you ever stopped to consider just how strong an influence different shades can have on your mood? As it turns out, painting your walls particular colors or surrounding yourself with objects of a certain hue can increase happiness, sharpen focus, or even influence appetite. As you look through the following list of ten colors, consider how you might use them in your quest to become a more positive, productive person. 1. Violet If you’re trying to choose a color for the area where you practice mindfulness or creative visualization exercises, violet is... Read more »

Six Common Childhood Messages That Block Happiness

Six Common Childhood Messages That Block Happiness

In your efforts to become a more positive person and develop the life you’ve always wanted, you’re bound to encounter certain roadblocks. Some of these setbacks will relate to deeply ingrained childhood messages that you receive from your parents, teachers and even peers. Here are six of the most common, along with tips that will help you overcome them. Even recognizing that you are influenced by these messages is an important step towards writing a more satisfying “life script.” 1. It’s Your Job To Meet Everyone Else’s Needs Do you always put other people first, or define your worth by... Read more »

The Law Of Attraction Only Works When You Have…


Hello, Katherine here. I want to ask you... Have you gone out of your way to try everything possible, within your reach, to become the master of your universe? Yet still, you have not unlocked the Law of Attraction? What would you give to break through this brick wall to overcome those obstacles standing in your way of living a life you love? If nothing you have tried has cracked it yet, then why is what I am about to share with you going to be any different? Well, I am deeply grateful that I discovered how to use the Law of Attraction effectively to my advantage over the last few... Read more »

The Law of Attraction And Your Spirit Animal

spirit animal wolf

Some people discover their likely spirit animal through meditation, creative visualization, or even in-depth online quizzes that draw conclusions on the basis of character traits. Others simply just know that a certain creature is their spirit animal because that creature consistently appears in their life. If you have already identified your spirit animal, this guide will help you understand what might be holding you back from using the Law of Attraction as an effective tool, as well as pointing out your greatest assets. Conversely, if you already know what some of your greatest challenges have... Read more »

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