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Law Of Attraction Articles

8 Hobbies That Enhance Your Use Of The Law Of Attraction


As you will know from reading about how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool to enhance your life, there are certain practices that are extremely importance. For example, the art of learning how to creatively visualize your goals combines with both verbal and symbolic affirmations to create a constant sense of moving towards a better future. However, there are also certain hobbies that automatically help you to use the Law of Attraction more effectively. Here are eight suggestions to try, along with an explanation of why each can be so powerful. 1. Playing A Musical Instrument Whether... Read more »

A Guide To Using Colors To Enhance Your Mood

color living room

While you may well have a favorite color, have you ever stopped to consider just how strong an influence different shades can have on your mood? As it turns out, painting your walls particular colors or surrounding yourself with objects of a certain hue can increase happiness, sharpen focus, or even influence appetite. As you look through the following list of ten colors, consider how you might use them in your quest to become a more positive, productive person. 1. Violet If you’re trying to choose a color for the area where you practice mindfulness or creative visualization exercises, violet is... Read more »

Six Common Childhood Messages That Block Happiness

Six Common Childhood Messages That Block Happiness

In your efforts to become a more positive person and develop the life you’ve always wanted, you’re bound to encounter certain roadblocks. Some of these setbacks will relate to deeply ingrained childhood messages that you receive from your parents, teachers and even peers. Here are six of the most common, along with tips that will help you overcome them. Even recognizing that you are influenced by these messages is an important step towards writing a more satisfying “life script.” 1. It’s Your Job To Meet Everyone Else’s Needs Do you always put other people first, or define your worth by... Read more »

The Law Of Attraction Only Works When You Have…


Hello, Katherine here. I want to ask you... Have you gone out of your way to try everything possible, within your reach, to become the master of your universe? Yet still, you have not unlocked the Law of Attraction? What would you give to break through this brick wall to overcome those obstacles standing in your way of living a life you love? If nothing you have tried has cracked it yet, then why is what I am about to share with you going to be any different? Well, I am deeply grateful that I discovered how to use the Law of Attraction effectively to my advantage over the last few... Read more »

The Law of Attraction And Your Spirit Animal

spirit animal wolf

Some people discover their likely spirit animal through meditation, creative visualization, or even in-depth online quizzes that draw conclusions on the basis of character traits. Others simply just know that a certain creature is their spirit animal because that creature consistently appears in their life. If you have already identified your spirit animal, this guide will help you understand what might be holding you back from using the Law of Attraction as an effective tool, as well as pointing out your greatest assets. Conversely, if you already know what some of your greatest challenges have... Read more »

4 Ways To Bring More Love And Joy Into Your Life


Are you looking for more love and happiness in your life? Do you want to stop feeling the need to compare yourself to other people, because you’re so happy and content with everything YOU have? Check this out When life gets busy, due to deadlines, children, and other obligations, usually the first thing to get put on the back burner is time for fun and relaxation. After all, when you have demanding children, a big project due at work, and aging parents to be caring for, things like ‘date nights’ with your partner, catch ups with friends, and gym sessions suddenly don’t seem so... Read more »

3 Ways To Free Your Life Of Negative Energy


Do you sometimes feel like a dark cloud is blocking the sunshine from your life? Do you sometimes find it hard to shake off negative feelings? We all feel like this at times, and it can take a helping hand to get you back on track! Check this out because it may help you. Here are some signs that negative energy has been blocking the light from your life: A lot of people have been annoying or upsetting you lately You feel withdrawn You haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye with people you love A string of unfair things seem to have been happening to you Your house seems gloomy and in a... Read more »

4 Ways To Live A Life Of No Regrets


There is nothing more empowering than living a life of no regrets! These days, there are almost ENDLESS opportunities for things we can do in our lives. We can choose where we want to live, where we want to travel, what we want to study, where we want to work, who we want to marry, and everything in between. So, why are so many of us not choosing to live the life we REALLY want?? In a recent book called “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying”, palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware shares what she discovered to be people’s top 5 regrets in their last 12 weeks of life: “I wish I’d had the courage... Read more »

24 Hour Law Of Attraction Daily Routine To Help Attract What You Really Want

24 hour routine

Even just dedicating ten minutes a day to using the Law of Attraction through (say) affirmations or creative visualizations can help you to improve your chances of developing the kind of life you crave. However, you can maximize the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction by finding ways to use it constantly—from the moment you get up until the time you go to bed. Read on for a useful 24 hour guide to the Law of Attraction exercises you can do throughout the day, and note that the precise timings can be adjusted to accommodate your unique schedule. Free Printable PDF: Click here to download your... Read more »

6 Tips For Connecting With Your Intuitions


While learning how to use Law of Attraction can a powerful step towards a happy and satisfying life, it’s important to remember that you need to actively pursue your goals. Along with daily creative visualization sessions and the consistent repetition of affirmations, you should also make a firm commitment to going out and looking for the things you want. Learning to trust your own intuition is a key part of this process, and the following tips will help you better connect with your intuitive side. 1. Look for Signs Sometimes, surprising new developments are signs that you can pursue new avenues in... Read more »