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My name is Katherine Hurst and I have the privilege of running the world's LARGEST Law of Attraction Community – with over 7 MILLION followers and users in over 100 countries worldwide.

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During the last couple of years, while working with so many Law of Attraction fans, I've been able to see first-hand – perhaps more than anyone else in the world – exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to manifest your intentions.

And this is what I want to share with you…

I've struggled and fought with myself to apply the Law of Attraction in my life – almost giving up entirely… right up until I faced a significant event that I couldn't sit back and let take control my life for me.

Here's how I escaped corporate slavery and unearthed the missing piece of the manifesting puzzle that I thought I would never find…

Cubicle slave?

Just another cog in the corporate machine?

…That was me alright!

Today I'm flying high. But just five years ago I was about as low as you could go.

Sure, I had the house, the car, made ok money…

All my family and friends thought I was so successful…

But here was the reality

I was 46 years old, working my butt off every day, being loyal to the same corporation for 14 long years, and I had only slaved my way up to middle management.

On one (what was supposed to be a regular) day, my path in life took a small change in direction that would eventually lead me far away from where I was heading.

As I arrived at the office I was greeted by a memo announcing that due to the recent corporate merger, my boss was being transferred – with his position being filled by someone else!

A new, younger version who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

The thing is, after 14 years of hard work and endless sacrifice, the company promised this would be MY next “big promotion”, holding it out in front of me like a carrot on a stick.

A carrot I had been chasing for nearly a DECADE!

At that moment, it dawned on me that I was just another corporate robot.

I had been replaced by the “latest and greatest” upgrade – just like that!

The “hard work” tunnel was not showing me any light at the end. I knew I had to do something…

It was like a giant crossroads opened up in front of me and I knew I could only go in one of two directions.

  1. I could do nothing.  Say nothing and continue to work hard like a rat on a wheel. But that road would just get me more of the same as it always has.
  2. I could do what I ended up doing… I drew a line in the sand and said:
    “Enough is enough! It’s time for things to change.”

Here is a free video presentation with my full story, my discovery and how I can help you.

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Whatever your goal. Whatever your intentions. My goal is to help you understand how to use the power of the Law of Attraction effectively to manifest your life's greatest goals and ambitions.

404-presentationI've done this myself. And I've spent the last few years helping THOUSANDS of people around the world do it too.

Feel free to browse through this site. Read the articles and the advice; download the tools and resources; buy any of the programs (they all have a money back guarantees, so you can try them without risk) and keep them ONLY if you LOVE them! And most of all, as we take this journey together to effectively use the Law of Attraction, believe in yourself,

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