How To Find Your Passion: What Is My Purpose In Life Quiz

While you can manifest just about anything with the Law of Attraction, the most important first step is to figure out what you really want most of all. What gives you the greatest levels of satisfaction, and allows you to contribute something truly unique to the world? What is your purpose and how can you find your passion?

It may seem daunting and your feelings may change. But the great thing about life is tomorrow is a new day! We are never too old to start again.

Read on to find out how you can find your passion and purpose in life in just 15 minutes with our quiz. Plus, learn what you need to do next.

What Is My Purpose In Life Quiz

Five Questions To Find Your Passion

1. What 5-7 things do you value the most? When asking this question, think about everything from your most significant relationships to the things you love to learn about, any spiritual commitments and your major hobbies. As you think about these 5-7 things, note down anything you see in common between them.

2. If nothing changed, what would be your biggest regret? You don’t need to spend a long time ruminating on this question, but the point of it is to tell you what needs to change about the way you’re living. Although the exercise can feel negative at first, it is easy to reframe the answers you get as a positive indicator of your purpose going forward.

3. What gifts can you give to the world? Everyone has something substantial and meaningful to offer the world, and in many cases the gifts that you can give are intimately connected to your life’s purpose. Come up with as many as you can, considering what friends, colleagues and family members have noted about the ways you change their lives.

4. If you could be anyone, who would you be? Don’t restrict your imagination here. Just tune into who and what you would truly want to be, regardless of how different they are from you. This is a great way to realize new things about the kind of person you want to become, removing the defensive barriers that are normally in place when you think about this.

5. What are your happiest memories? When you think about your life so far, the events and experiences that stand out are often the ones most strongly tied to your major passions. Once again, you’re looking for common denominators in these memories.

Analyzing Your Answers

Try to see what your answers to the above questions can tell you about the things you’re good at, what excites you, what you could live without, and how you’re uniquely positioned to change the world. Then, ask yourself this final question: what jobs, hobbies or lifestyle choices could allow you to live in concert with these key values and positive feelings?

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