Money is Energy: How To Increase Your Money Energy Flow – Part 2

In ‘Money is Energy: How To Increase Your Money Energy Flow – Part 1‘, we discussed how money like everything else in our lives, consists of energy. Our energies can create our financial state. So, if every time you go to look at your bank balance you notice yourself wincing, it’s time to change the way you think and feel about money energy. It’s time you created for yourself a prosperity consciousness.

But how can you ensure that your energies surrounding the subject of money are positive ones? How can you develop a prosperity consciousness?

How To Increase Your Money Energy Flow

Are you struggling to keep on top of your finances? Are you overdue a lot of payments?

When the bills are piling up it can be hard to stay positive about money, especially when you’re up against so much! However, if finance troubles are something you struggle with, you need to remember this: what we give our attention to grows. Focus on your lack of money or your money worries and this is what you’ll attract more of. This is the main principle of The Law Of Attraction.

So what can you do now? Let's look at some main ways to increase your money energy flow today.

Focus On Positive Money Energy

When you’re struggling to pay the bills, focus on the bills you can pay instead. Really appreciate what you ARE able to do and the things that ARE going right for you.

This ties into that ‘attitude of gratitude’ that is always being talked about (see the below point). Want to enjoy greater abundance? Then you need to practice appreciating the abundance already in your life. When you focus on positives, then you move away from the negative energy which could be hindering your manifestation process. Of course, this doesn't mean ignoring financial issues or bills. It simply means that during this period, you choose to move forward and plan for the future instead of dwelling on things you cannot change.

Practice Gratitude

Practice having gratitude for ALL of your money exchanges, every single one of them. Hate paying the electricity bill? Rather than getting worked up over how expensive that bill may be, try thinking about everything that bill is paying for. Light, heat, television, even your hair straighteners… try to appreciate exactly what you getting in return.

Why do you need to start appreciating all of your money transactions? To feel better! Begin to feel better about your money and you’ll begin to feel better in general, you’ll relax, helping you to lessen your grip on all of those negative energies and begin making way for more productive, more positive ones.

Visualize Abundance And Wealth

When you act as though you have enough; that your life is abundant and that you already have everything you could possibly need, a remarkable shift in consciousness begins to take place. You tell yourself and the universe that you are already enjoying abundance. You see it everywhere; in the shoes, you are able to buy, the bills that you are able to pay, the holidays and homes you eagerly anticipate for the future. You MAKE your life an abundant one! And the universe expands on this. It gives you more of what you believe you already have.

Think of it like this; the Law of Attraction is about giving that which you are lacking. Feeling unloved? Be more loving. Need forgiveness? Be more forgiving. Want greater wealth? Be generous!

Act ‘As If': Be Generous

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. – Epictetus

When you are able to FEEL that you are living in abundance that is true wealth. Plus, the result is that you suddenly find yourself attracting more and more of the wealth that you’d always wanted, without little effort at all.

Be generous! Know that you already have everything you need and that the universe will see to the rest. When you find yourself dwelling on the subject of money, remind yourself of that all-important mantra: give-away to receive.

Your money is energy; so spend it wisely and you’ll enjoy all the abundance you could ever need.

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