Listen to Niki explain her experience of how she manifested 1 million South African Rand (approx $95k) with The Law of Attraction. Click on the video to listen to her story…

Ever wondered if you could use The Law of Attraction effectively to improve your financial position?

If so, you'll want to see this video sent in by Niki Marshall who manifested 1 million South African Rand with the Law of Attraction.

In this short video you'll hear:

  • The exact process Niki Marshall used to manifest the million rand
  • The ‘unique twist' she added to her affirmations that added so much power

Click on the video above and watch it now.

What did you think about Niki's experience? Have you experienced something similar? Please don't forget to share your opinion or experience with everyone else. I'd love to hear from you 🙂

Here's to manifesting your greatest desires,


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