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Here's why…

A Story For You

Five years ago, when I was working as a cubicle rat, drinking stale coffee, being treated like ‘the help,' I could've never envisioned doing anything like this.

Never in my life did I expect that one day I'd be able to write to you, saying that I am GRATEFUL for all of it!

YES – you read that right.

I am grateful for all of it!


Well, it’s quite simple.

The more you have to OVERCOME on your journey of mastering your mind, the more powerful it makes you.

Let me explain:

This will be easy to understand using an analogy of weight training in the gym…
…you see, the heavier the weights you lift, the stronger you become, and the more POWER you can generate!

For example:

One of my greatest idols in business, and life itself is Billionaire actress, philanthropist, publisher,
and producer: Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah WinfreyNow, to say Oprah started out ‘disadvantaged'would be a HUGE understatement.

Look at this:

  • Oprah was raped and molested at 9 years of age
  • Became pregnant at 14
  • Watched her son die as an infant at 15

Not easy, right?

However, Oprah was able to master her mind and, using the power of manifestation and the Law of attraction, was able to lift her mindset above all that ‘pain' and negativity to create tremendous positive changes in this world.

Today, she is one of the most influential women in the world.

Her powers of manifestation are so strong, so unstoppable, there's little I doubt she could accomplish!

Now, I'm not comparing myself to Oprah in any way.

But what I am saying is…

If you've had suffering in your life, if you've been a ‘heavy lifter' like I have been, then have no fear!

It’s very probable you're being prepared to achieve something GREAT in this world also.

All you need to do is begin to ‘tap into' that great reservoir of power waiting inside. And to achieve that, all you need is the right guidance.

And that's exactly what the Manifestation Mastery Portal does.

See for yourself in this brief exploration video:

‘The Manifestation Mastery Portal' takes you on a 90 day journey of discovery, through the power of positive thinking… manifesting… abundance… and your potential!

There is NOTHING like it available anywhere else. Why?

Because no one else has spent the last 2 years speaking with millions of Law of Attraction fans around the world – testing hundreds of techniques, products, and exercises like I have.

Now, it hasn’t been easy. And it's taken years of work.

Yes – we've had to ‘lift' our fair share of trouble to create this PORTAL for you.

But, the good news is that NOW it’s ready!

And so far, the feedback has been tremendous! As evidenced by comments like these…

Thank you!

Love and energy,


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