Katherine Hurst

You know, there's is a LOT to be said about love…

Whether you’ve learnt your lessons in love from the movies, from looking at the relationship between your parents, or from listening to the gossip of friends, chances are that, somewhere along the line, your understanding of romantic love has become somewhat skewed.

It's really NOT your fault!

You see, these days the subject of love has become so overloaded with labels and definitions of what it means to be in love, that we restrict how we receive and give love in our own romantic relationships.

To be frank, I don't like it!

I believe that it’s time to reclaim love in its purest form!

Are you with me!?

If so, then please take a look at this quick video – click on it to start playing. It's called:
‘5 Myths Everyone Should Know About Love'

Go ahead, watch it, and spread the word!

Real love,


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