Wealth And Abundance: How To Manifest Success

Wealth and abundance. What’s the difference between the two? These closely related words may appear to have very similar meanings, but the reality of it is, wealth and abundance are two entirely different things.

We would all like to have an abundance of wealth; after all, successful levels of wealth can offer a person the freedom from time restraints and worry that comes with careers and everyday living. However, despite the many obvious benefits that we know money can offer us, do we know for sure that wealth is the answer to our very greatest happiness? Arguably, we know that it is not.

What Is Abundance? The Meaning Of Abundance

Abundance throws a wider net over a whole host of life areas; all of which can be instrumental in our very greatest happiness. An abundant love life, an abundance of good health, an abundant career, social life, an abundance of peace or achievements; it is abundance in life areas such as these that can make us truly ‘wealthy’. This is the case, both spiritually and physically!

When we strive to achieve great wealth, in the form of money only, we limit ourselves and our happiness greatly. Wealth can be a wonderful thing, but it counts for only one single aspect of our lives. It does not guarantee the good health, fulfilling relationships or levels of achievement that great happiness can stem from. When we forever chase money, remaining focused solely on our bank balance; we begin to feel very poor indeed. The bigger picture is lost to us.

Alternatively, when we choose to strive for abundance as opposed to wealth, we are presented with the exciting possibility of becoming ‘better off’ in every aspect of our lives. Including money! The difference between making money through an ‘abundant’ mindset as opposed to a wealthy one is that money can come as a result of the abundance you create in the rest of your life. Basically, why stick to chasing one dream, when that dream can come true whilst you are chasing many others?

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, for the majority of people it does! This is why so few of us are able to drop our dream for money and replace it with a dream of lifelong abundance. We are so busy chasing the ‘golden carrot’ of wealth that we become blind to the abundance that we have failed to create in other areas of our life.

Chasing riches can be a worthwhile pursuit as long as it is part of your bigger, lifelong picture. For example, if you were to become rich beyond your wildest dreams, what would you do with the money? Money without an abundance of passion or purpose can only result in restlessness and a ceaseless thirst for more. An abundant life, however, can help to transform your life into the ideal vessel for attracting money and using it as a welcome addition to your already happy, fulfilled life.


When you pursue money only, you will always feel as though you never have enough. Wallace D Wattles, author of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’, called this the ‘competitive mindset’. This is when you are so fixated on getting rich that you can only ever feel emotions of ‘want’ and ‘lack’ concerning money; preventing you from ever really achieving financial abundance.

Do you wish to race through life, in tireless pursuit of something that you feel is forever out of your reach? Or would you rather invest your emotions and energies into the things that bring you infinite abundance and lasting joy?

Connection, not competition. Truth, not things. Fulfillment not career. Abundance not wealth. That is where true happiness and the very greatest riches in life can be uncovered.

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