Top 10 Law Of Attraction Books

It is true what people say; one of the most important things that you can ever do in life is become a reader. Reading and books can hold the answers to many of the questions that we may have about life, including those relating to the law of attraction.

Information on the law of attraction and its secrets have always been there for us to find. Since the beginning of time, books on the law of attraction have been in existence; concealed as religious texts, stories, scientific journals and even in modern self-help books. All of these precious vessels of knowledge created in various styles and from different times in history, but all containing the same life-changing message – that you are the creator of your own universe.

In any of the books that you may find on the law of attraction, you will find that no one single author will claim to have ‘invented’ the law of attraction. This is because unlike other books, the law of attraction is not something which has been plucked out of the  imagination of one individual. Similarly to how no-one can claim to have invented the moon or the sun or the stars, the law of attraction always has and always will be a constant part of life. It is for everyone to collectively share! And thanks to those who have been open-minded enough to stumble across or uncover this universal law, it is now available for us to discover and learn about for ourselves through the medium of books.

With so many books on the law of attraction now available, you may be asking yourself ‘where do I begin?’ Despite the large number of books on the law of attraction, there are still only a select few that are by-far the best at exposing the secrets of this exciting law and how it can be used to manifest anything that you wish for. That’s why we have created this ‘Top 10 List’ of the very best books to read on the law of attraction. Some of these books may be the best you ever read and you may even find a few to be completely life changing – we certainly hope so!

No. 10 ‘Thoughts Are Things’ – Prentice Mulford

Over one hundred years old, this precious book was amongst one of the first to reveal the secret that we now know – thoughts equal things. In this book, Mulford reinforces the power of thought and as well as covering topics that many modern LOA books cover such as wealth, success, love and health; he also delves into less explored topics such as courage. Understanding the power of thought is
essential if you want to create a life for yourself that you can be proud of and this is why this book is not to be missed.

No. 9 ‘The Secret’ – Rhonda Byrne

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne’s is the most modern of the books and has gained phenomenal recognition around the globe during recent years. This book can be thanked for bringing the miraculous power of the law of attraction to the attention of modern society and consists of a compilation of testimonials and stories that testify to the true potential that lies within the law of attraction. The principles laid out within this book are the exact same as those laid out in earlier books such as Wattle’s ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’, but are written with the modern reader in mind, helping to demonstrate the many benefits that the law of attraction can bring within a modern society.

No. 8 ‘The Master Key System’ – Charles F. Haanel

Structured into blocks of simple and easy-to-follow lessons, Haanel’s ‘The Master Key System’ offers a step-by-step guide on the law of attraction and how to develop it into a way of life that will bring you ultimate happiness and fulfilment. It is the detail within the pages of this book which provide in-depth instruction on how the law of attraction should be best used, that makes it the very best
choice of book for those looking to transform their life once and for all.

No. 7 ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ – Wallace D. Wattles

The opening sentence in the preface to this book says it all:

‘This book is pragmatically, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophise afterward’

Direct and incredibly useful, this easy-to-follow book which was first published in 1910 helped to inspire the modern phenomenon that is ‘The Secret’ and shows readers how to overcome mental barriers and create for themselves all that they could ever want.

No. 6 ‘Think And Grow Rich’ – Napoleon Hill

First published in 1937, this remarkable book has sold in its millions across the world and has been credited as a prime motivator behind the triumph of numerous well-known celebrities and wealthy individuals. The title of the book would suggest that this book is only able to help the reader to get rich, however, Napoleon Hill emphasises that the philosophies that he shares in the book can be
applied to all aspects of a person’s life. If you want clear, detailed instructions on how to live your ideal life this book really is the book for you!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

No. 5 ‘Ask And It Is Given’ – Esther & Jerry Hicks

This book has been the inspiration behind a number of modern-day teachers and writers on the law of attraction and is often quoted for its teachings on Abraham Hicks – a non-physical entity representing the flows and ebbs of the universe. Although some aspects of this book have been criticised for being unrealistic and ‘supernatural’, its powerful teachings on how to manifest the perfect wealth, health, relationships and careers definitely make this book a worthwhile read.

No. 4 ‘Law Of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don’t’ – Michael J. Losier

Easy to follow, this interesting read is full of useful exercises, tips and tools that are extremely effective in helping you to put the law of attraction into practice in your own life. However, possibly one of the greatest advantages of this book is that it can help the reader to identify ways in which they are holding themselves back – making it ideal for those who may be looking to transform their life but
are struggling to see any changes.

No. 3 ‘As A Man Thinketh’ – James Allen

This is a really exciting example of a book that explores the idea that we are literally all by-products of our thoughts. James Allen’s book is uplifting and empowering at the same time, expanding on the idea that everything; including our health, finances, relationships and happiness are completely within our control.

No. 2 ‘Be Rich: The Science Of Getting What you Want’
– Robert Collier

Do not be fooled by the title, this book offers simple guidance on how to become ‘rich’ in all aspects of your life. Quick to read, this book is a marvellous pick-me-up when you need a quick refresher on how attract the things that you want most into your life. A great book for restoring faith in yourself when you need it most!

No. 1 ‘The Power Of Intention’ – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Best-selling author and inspiration speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer is someone we highly recommend learning from when you are embarking on your law of attraction journey. Although in this book the word ‘attraction’ is replaced with ‘intention’ the meanings are still the same. The soothing qualities in this book are superb for readers looking to learn how to identify and drop negative aspects of their life
and shows the way forward to becoming a ‘creator’ of your own universe.

So there you have it, the top ten book choices on the law of attraction!

All of these are a great place to start using The Law Of Attraction.

But, if you are not a beginner, and want something a little different,

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Whether you are already well practiced in the law of attraction or are looking at it with fresh eyes, reading one of the many books that can be found on the law of attraction will provide you with a fantastic tool in gaining a greater understanding of what it is and how it can be successfully used within your own life.

Reading a book on something as big and life-changing as the law of attraction requires an open-mind and an ability to think outside of the box. Even if you do not immediately understand everything that you are reading, if you begin your book with an open heart and willingness to learn then the answers should be sure to come your way.

More importantly, by getting into the practice of jotting down any ideas that stand out for you whilst reading you can then remind yourself of what you have discovered throughout the day. Once you have finished reading your book, the best action that you can then take is to share it! By sharing what you have learnt with others, you are not only being generous by helping other people to transform
their life but you are also putting the teachings of the law of attraction into play within your own life.

With time, you may choose to read a number of books on the law of attraction. If you come to have a favourite book be sure to have it at hand at all times, as you may find that whenever you are beginning to lose your sense of direction in life or are feeling a little low it could help you to get back on track once again.