The Power of Thought – And Why You Won’t Believe What Dr. Emoto Discovered in THIS Experiment

You may think that you already understand the power of your thoughts and words, but you’ve seen nothing until you see the results of this experiment from researcher and alternative healer, Dr. Masaru Emoto…

Dr. Emoto first became famous with his experiments into the magic of positive thinking, featured in the 2004 documentary ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?' In one particular experiment, Dr. Emoto set out to prove how human thought and interaction can impact and even shape our physical reality.

What he found astounded people. Dr. Emoto did exactly what he set out to achieve…after conducting a series of experiments on water molecules, he observed through photography the physical effect that different words, music and the environment had on the water being used.

Now when you consider that human beings are comprised of up to 60% water, his findings are not something to be taken lightly. It also poses the all-important question – can we really afford to nurture negative thoughts?

Another, more recent example of Dr. Emoto’s experiments into the power of positive or negative thinking, is the equally as impressive rice experiment.

In this demonstration of how the power of our words and energies are capable of shaping the physical world around us, instead of water, Dr. Emoto used two sealed containers of rice. On one container he wrote the words ‘Thank You’ and on the other, ‘You Fool’.

The sealed containers were then put into a school where children would pass them every day. Dr. Emoto instructed the children to address the jars each time they passed, reading the labels given to each jar aloud.

The result?

After 30 days, the rice in the container labelled ‘Thank You’ had barely changed. The rice in the second jar however, had become rotten.

Want to see the astonishing results for yourself?

Take a look at the video…

So what do you think? Do you believe that our words and our thoughts have the power to shape our physical reality? Make sure you have your say in the comments below.