The Law of Attraction And Your Spirit Animal

Some people discover their likely spirit animal through meditation, creative visualization, or even in-depth online quizzes that draw conclusions on the basis of character traits. Others simply just know that a certain creature is their spirit animal because that creature consistently appears in their life.

If you have already identified your spirit animal, this guide will help you understand what might be holding you back from using the Law of Attraction as an effective tool, as well as pointing out your greatest assets.

Conversely, if you already know what some of your greatest challenges have been, looking at this guide might well help you identify your spirit animal.


Those who identify with the butterfly are great at reinventing themselves to suit their changing needs or environment, and often have playful, fun personalities.

If you have the butterfly as your spirit animal, your attunement with the emotional and spiritual sides of yourself will help you figure out what you really want from life and allow you to trust that learning how to use the Law of Attraction will teach you the skills required to obtain those things.

However, try to resist the urge to flit from dream to dream, and focus in on slow, steady progress towards a major goal.


The cat is a spirit animal strongly linked to courage, patience and curiosity. If you are connected to the cat, you are likely to have a flexible mind and the commitment required to see things through to the end.

On the other hand, one thing to be watch out for is a tendency towards excessive independence—remember that it’s healthy to rely on others in times of need, and that there are ways to balance independence with intimacy in relationships.


Always felt an affinity with crows? You’re likely a highly intelligent individual who is famously adaptable and a talented practical joker. Your innate creativity will serve you well as you conduct visualization exercises and play with new ways to reshape negative, old beliefs.

Nevertheless, it’s important for you to stay aware of the fact that you don’t need to manipulate others to get what you want. Your developing authentic positivity will be more powerful (and ethical) in the long run.


As a spirit animal, the hawk is associated with sharp focus, leadership and the ability to plan far into the future. If you are closely tied to the hawk, all of these traits bode well for your future—once you decide what you want, you’ll know how to get it and you’ll wait for just the right time to put your plan into action.

However, don’t forget to connect with your emotional side as well—you may be prone to over-intellectualizing, when your feelings are an equally important source of insight.


Symbolic of lust for life, enjoyment of freedom and deep emotions, the horse is a spirit animal that tends to be attractive to those with vital, passionate personalities.

If you pour all that passion into trying to achieve your goals, you’re likely to end up with a life that makes you profoundly happy.

One of your main roadblocks might be the opposite of the above issue mentioned in relation to the hawk—in other words, your feelings might be so intense that you forget to let your intellect do some of the processing work as well. If you can curtail your impulsivity while still holding on to your stellar intuition, you’re sure to go far.


If the owl is your spirit animal, you are gifted with insight and capable of seeing past the masks that people sometimes wear. The owl is also associated with change, so you may be more comfortable than the average person is with the dramatic transformations associated with using the Law of Attraction.

However, those who connect with the owl can also be prone to excessive self-protection, so learning to let your guard down around others may be a key step on your path to happiness.


While some people recoil from snakes, they’re powerful spirit animals that are actually linked to healing. If you feel drawn to snakes, it’s likely that you are a compassionate, wise person who doesn’t rush into anything.

Your empathy allows you to sense what makes other people happy, but don’t let this natural talent drain your resources—it’s important to attend to your own needs as well.


Finally, those who have the wolf as their spirit animal can count loyalty, generosity and a loving spirit among their greatest strengths.

As you work to change your life and attract the things you desire, your exemplary communication skills will help you network and connect with others. However, you may need to work on trusting yourself, as low self-confidence could be holding you back.