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From Self-Loathing to Self-Love in 5 Easy Steps!

self love

Whether you’re sick of hiding away your body or tired of trying to silence the nagging, incessant voice inside your head telling you ‘you’re not good enough…you’re too lazy/stupid/unattractive/…’ – it’s time to make a change. A lack of self-love can be incredibly damaging to our happiness. Why do we feel it is acceptable to talk to ourselves in a way we would never dare talk to anyone else? ‘I’m so fat…’ ‘My dad said I’d never make anything of myself…and he’s right’ ‘When did I get so OLD?!’ Each of us is born into greatness; we are all remarkable pieces of... Read more »

‘Who Am I Meant To Be?’ – Where to Start When Becoming the Person You Were Born To Be

‘Who Am I Meant To Be?’ – Where to Start When Becoming the Person You Were Born To Be

Becoming who we were born to be is a lifelong process. As we go through life, making mistakes, living through the good times and the not so good times, coming together and falling apart – we are continually shedding our old skins, revealing the new. But when we want to become more of ourselves, our authentic selves right now, where do we start? The best way to begin would be to ask yourself the more pressing question at hand – how do I stop being who I am not? You see, we are always who we are meant to be. Our biggest mistakes, our greatest loves, our most painful betrayals or beautiful friendships;... Read more »

Get In Touch With Your Inner Superhero – And Fight Back Against Ego!


The ego – many would describe this to be the voices that we all have in our heads. The little voice at the back of our mind, perhaps telling us that we will never be good enough; that we are not smart enough, pretty enough, brave enough or productive enough. The ‘ego’ is our internal narrative.  Sometimes it has a point – when we are not trying hard enough and need to work harder, for example. But mostly, it is the incessant nag in the back of our mind, filling us with self-doubt and reinforcing our fears often when we need courage most. When we are feeling small or stuck, it is our ego that can... Read more »

Green Eggs And Ham Anyone? 5 Inspiring Life Lessons From Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Extraordinarily talented writer and cartoonist, Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr Seuss, is known for his popular children’s books and boundless imagination. With some of his best-sellers ranging from ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and ‘Horton Hears a Who!’ – Dr Seuss’s work still proves a hit with both children and adults alike; his unusual trisyllabic metre and wildly imaginative characters capturing the attention of different generations worldwide. But what really makes the work of Dr. Seuss noteworthy, are the valuable life lessons that can be found throughout his... Read more »

Are You Ruining Your Life? Here Are The 4 Biggest Mistakes You Could Make Today


If you are dissatisfied with your life and dissatisfied with how yesterday went and the day before that – then what do you plan on doing differently today? After all, if you are unhappy with the way that things currently are in your life then surely you should change them? To a lot of people, this isn't always necessarily the obvious thing to do. Why? Because they are afraid? Lazy? In denial? If you do not take the necessary action to improve your life, no matter what your reasons, then your circumstances might stay exactly as they are. Living today exactly the same as yesterday when you are unhappy,... Read more »

Why Your Opinion Is The Only One That Counts


Do you find it difficult to make decisions or changes in your life, without seeking reassurance from the opinions of those around you? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. As a society, we have become far too pre-occupied with what others may think of us. Arguably, our constant need for approval and a want to ‘fit-in’ is a big part of what makes us human. After all, it is this need to ‘fit-in’ that has helped us to survive and evolve as a species. However, when do we know when to draw the line and live for own happiness rather than for the happiness of others? When is it time to say that... Read more »

10 Things You Should Never Put Up With


Many of us have learnt to go through life, ‘putting up’ with things. Aside from the obvious negatives that we have to grin and bear in life, such as bad weather, traffic jams or paying taxes, there is no reason for the grey fog of ‘tolerance’ that we have allowed to settle over our lives. Our tolerance to the intolerable has spread into every area of our lives. We tolerate unhealthy relationships, we put up with careers that leave us practically sobbing every time the alarm goes off in the morning. Worst off all; we make do with a life void of passion or any fun. As a society, we seem to have... Read more »

Exorcise The Emotional Vampires From Your Life Once And For All


Nowadays you will find them everywhere; in films, books, and television series – there is no escaping them. Vampires that is! However, you won’t just find vampires in the media, as of course the vampires we are discussing aren’t the fictional, cape-swishing ones. We are talking about the vampires walking among you right now, vampires in the guise of your friends, work-colleagues or even family – we are of course talking about ‘emotional vampires’. The term ‘emotional vampires’ or ‘energy vampires’ has become a term used to describe certain individuals that do exactly as the name... Read more »