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12 Things To Remember The Next Time You ‘Mess Up’


Are you too quick to judge or get angry with yourself? When you’re having ‘one of those days’ or it feels as though lately, you’ve been making mistake after mistake, it can be easy to fall into a victim mentality or give yourself a hard time. But this can be exhausting, not to mention completely counter-productive. After all, when did feeling sorry for yourself ever get anyone anywhere? The answer is, never. When we believe that we’ve messed up – made a mistake, taken the wrong action or failed at something – it can be hard knowing where to go from here. We can allow ourselves to be consumed... Read more »

Tips for Appreciating What Makes You Unique


‘There is nothing you have to do, get or be in order to be happy.’ - Srikumar Rao Do you ever find yourself saying the following: ‘I would be happier if I was in another profession…’ ‘I would be happier if I was more attractive…’ ‘I would be happier if I was in the right relationship…’ ‘I would be happier if I had nicer clothes/ a bigger house/more money…’ In our culture we put so much pressure on achieving MORE wealth, of being MORE than other people and on just having MORE in general that we often forget that we are all already enough - exactly as we are. You need... Read more »

Drop Unhealthy Relationships in 3 Easy Steps


You’ve probably heard it said, ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you already got.’ Very true advice. But if this is true, then why do so many of us find it hard to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships? Are You Attracting the Wrong Kind of Relationships? Have you ever entered into a relationship out of loneliness, rather than love? Do you tend to fall for a person’s potential, rather than the reality of who they are? Do you ever set out to ‘fix’ or ‘save’ the other person in the relationship? Do you feel unworthy of love? If you find yourself... Read more »

Looking for Love? 3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Finding Mr or Mrs Right…


Everybody wants to feel loved. To find that special someone with whom they can share the best – and the worst – moments in life. Love is what gives us all, as human beings, purpose in life. Loves becomes our comfort, our calm, and keeps us centered amongst the occasional chaos of life. This applies to all manners of love – be it the love of a friend, family member or child. However, it is romantic love that most see as the ultimate pursuit of life. Whilst it’s important to remember that being in a romantic relationship will not solve all of a person’s problems, the need to experience a loving... Read more »

Do You Dare? An Anthem For The Brave…


Dear brave, wonderful and unique YOU… Do you dare to smile when others frown? To believe when others doubt and to love when others fear? Will you find the courage to step off of the beaten track? To create your own path and in doing so, lead the way for others too afraid to do the same? Can you break down all thoughts of limitations, to ensure you never settle for anything less than you’re absolutely worth? Will you push through all expectation, all fear of criticism, judgment and failure…to recognize that you are already enough, exactly as you are? Can you LOVE with everything you’ve got?... Read more »

10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself Today


A happy life begins, ultimately, with taking good care of yourself. That doesn’t mean waiting until tomorrow, or the day after, or even the week after to start. Your life is now. If you want to start living the incredible life you deserve, you need to start taking better care of yourself beginning today. To make sure you don’t waste a moment longer, here are 10 suggestions on how to get started. Ready? 1. Breathe deeply. How often do you pay attention to your breathing? For most people, the answer is typically – not enough. In moments of stress or difficulty, your breathing can become... Read more »

5 Simple Changes That Could Help Transform Your Life


As popular as goal-setting may be, sometimes it’s better to start small when you’re looking to make big, long-lasting change. Small, easy steps – that is the key. So, if you’ve taken a look at your life and decided that the time for change is NOW, start small. Try setting a goal to change as little as 3-5 things in your life one thing at a time. Make it manageable. Want some suggestions? Here are 5 simple changes that will help send you in the right direction toward positive, long-lasting change: 1. Invite more love into your life. A hug from a friend, holding your partner’s hand, a kind... Read more »

You Said WHAT? 10 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself


The Law of Attraction teaches that our words play an incredibly important part in the lives and happiness we create for ourselves. Our words steer and shape our energies – in either a positive or a negative direction. We are not only susceptible to the words others use, but the words we use with ourselves. Essentially, our words – spoken aloud or internally as thoughts – create our world. If this is the case, why do so many people still think that it’s ok to talk to themselves in such a negative manner? A lot of people will say things to themselves they wouldn’t dream of saying to a friend. Is... Read more »

5 Myths About Love That Could Be Keeping You Single


There is a LOT to be said about love. Whether you’ve learnt your lessons in love from the movies, from looking at the relationship between your parents or from listening to the gossip of friends – the chances are that somewhere along the line your understanding of romantic love has become somewhat skewed. The subject of love has become so overloaded with labels and definitions of what it means to be in love, that we restrict how we receive and give love in our own romantic relationships. So – it’s time to reclaim love in its purest form! Start by debunking some of the biggest 5 myths surrounding... Read more »

In a Crisis? Then NOW is The Perfect Time for Change


Do you feel as though you’ve reached a crisis point in your life? Have you been feeling lost, restless or do you no longer recognise the life that you’re living in? If you believe you’re experiencing a life crisis, do any of the following feel familiar to you? 1. You have no idea what you want to be ‘when you grow up.’ 2. You’ve been unable to shift feelings of depression or indifference to your life. 3. You compare how much you’ve got compared to what your parents had at the same age. 4. You see families and immediately begin to mentally calculate how long you have left to meet... Read more »

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