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Are You Quick to Judge Others? Find Out What This Might Mean For You


By now you may already be familiar with the concept that your life is a direct reflection of YOU. The people, opportunities, love, realized dreams, dashed hopes, experiences and even the material things in your life are all a part of the big picture you are painting with your mind every-single-day. As a result, everything in your life is an opportunity to reflect and learn something new about yourself. And I mean everything – the ‘dark’ moments included. With a little bit of humility, we can all start to look a little bit closer into the shadows and dark corners of our lives - the areas we’d... Read more »

Drop Unhealthy Relationships in 3 Easy Steps


You’ve probably heard it said, ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you already got.’ Very true advice. But if this is true, then why do so many of us find it hard to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships? Are You Attracting the Wrong Kind of Relationships? Have you ever entered into a relationship out of loneliness, rather than love? Do you tend to fall for a person’s potential, rather than the reality of who they are? Do you ever set out to ‘fix’ or ‘save’ the other person in the relationship? Do you feel unworthy of love? If you find yourself... Read more »

Looking for Love? 3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Finding Mr or Mrs Right…


Everybody wants to feel loved. To find that special someone with whom they can share the best – and the worst – moments in life. Love is what gives us all, as human beings, purpose in life. Loves becomes our comfort, our calm, and keeps us centered amongst the occasional chaos of life. This applies to all manners of love – be it the love of a friend, family member or child. However, it is romantic love that most see as the ultimate pursuit of life. Whilst it’s important to remember that being in a romantic relationship will not solve all of a person’s problems, the need to experience a loving... Read more »

Want to Make The World a Better Place? Then Make This ONE CHANGE


Sometimes, it is the smallest change that will often have the biggest impact. During the holiday season, in our enthusiasm to show our love and appreciation for the people in our lives, the little things that matter most can get overlooked. Large gifts and extravagant dinners can become the measure of love; what will everyone think of dinner? Have I spent enough money on so-and-so’s gifts? However, this holiday season decide to make a change. Choose to make one simple change that will contribute not only to your own happiness, but the happiness of those around you. What is this change you... Read more »

Give Gossip the Boot; Plus, What You Can Do Instead


Why gossip? People gossip for a variety of reasons. And as much as we might deny it – gossiping is something we’ve all been guilty of at some time or another. But what is it that makes the urge to gossip so irresistible? The thing about gossip is that it is rarely positive; it usually involves the spreading of ‘secret’ information, judging the behaviour or choices of another individual. It is always shared behind the back of the person in question. As said, there are many reasons why people may feel the urge to gossip about another person – even those they care about. Arguably the biggest... Read more »

5 Myths About Love That Could Be Keeping You Single


There is a LOT to be said about love. Whether you’ve learnt your lessons in love from the movies, from looking at the relationship between your parents or from listening to the gossip of friends – the chances are that somewhere along the line your understanding of romantic love has become somewhat skewed. The subject of love has become so overloaded with labels and definitions of what it means to be in love, that we restrict how we receive and give love in our own romantic relationships. So – it’s time to reclaim love in its purest form! Start by debunking some of the biggest 5 myths surrounding... Read more »

How To Break Up With ‘Average’ and Start Dating ‘Awesome’!

Love Yourself

When it comes to certain areas of your life – your relationships, your career choices, your addictions – we usually know when it’s time to call quits. A boyfriend that’s never present, a desk job that fails to fulfil us, a boss that leaves you feeling 10 inches tall…most of the time, we are able to recognise when it’s time to break an old chain in order to make a new connection. But despite this, why do so many of us still struggle to apply the same logic when it comes to the relationship we have with ourselves? Are you no longer listening to your own needs? Have you neglected your... Read more »

Law of Attraction 101 For The Modern Family

Law of Attraction 101 For The Modern Family

The Law of Attraction is for everyone. Whether it’s your granny, your children, your husband, yourself – the Law of Attraction is a part of all our lives. Some people just don’t know it yet. Wouldn’t it have been great to have learnt about it at a younger age? To have grown up powerful and strong in the knowledge that our entire world was our own to create? Oh, how differently we may have chosen to live our lives… If you want more for your children, for them to grow up with a good understanding of the Law of Attraction and what they are capable of – they can! Many people would love to improve... Read more »

Are Your Needs Being Met? Find Out With These 4 Tips for Better Luck in Love

Are Your Needs Being Met? Find Out With These 4 Tips for Better Luck in Love

Our needs are prerequisites to our happiness. Beyond our basic needs for survival – i.e. food, water and shelter – we all have needs to fuel us at a more emotional, spiritual level. Being happy is about embracing who you really are and this means facing up to what you really want from life. In romantic relationships this is especially important. Too many people believe that they must stifle or adjust their needs to suit those of a potential partner. Perhaps they believe that changing their needs can make them more lovable? Maybe they are afraid of being alone, so may do anything to stay in a... Read more »

5 Ways To Make This Your Best Christmas Ever!

golden christmas card

The Christmas season means many different things to many different people. It can be a hectic, chaotic time – life is busier and more expensive. During this time of year, life can also be more beautiful and brilliant! Not to forget, there are countless people out there for whom Christmas can be a sad or even lonely time. It is during this time of year that it becomes more important than ever that we care for and include these people in the warmth we enjoy and create in our own Christmas celebrations. The simple pleasures are what make Christmas such an enjoyable time of year. So, strip back the chaos and... Read more »

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