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20 Quotes to Help You Never Feel Like a Failure Again

Head in Hands

Imagine if you never felt afraid of failing again? What dreams would you go for? What limitations and barriers would you smash through? In what ways would your life be any different to the way it is today? Failure is an inevitable part of life; if we didn’t stumble and fall from time to time, how would we ever have the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals? If you’re not prone to failing and are yet to fail at anything, then this isn’t something to celebrate. It simply means that you haven’t dreamed big enough yet. It means that you are yet to step outside of your comfort zone, to put... Read more »

Do You Dare? An Anthem For The Brave…


Dear brave, wonderful and unique YOU… Do you dare to smile when others frown? To believe when others doubt and to love when others fear? Will you find the courage to step off of the beaten track? To create your own path and in doing so, lead the way for others too afraid to do the same? Can you break down all thoughts of limitations, to ensure you never settle for anything less than you’re absolutely worth? Will you push through all expectation, all fear of criticism, judgment and failure…to recognize that you are already enough, exactly as you are? Can you LOVE with everything you’ve got?... Read more »

Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full? Learn Why It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Are you a glass half empty or half full kind of person? Whilst some people may argue that a positive or negative outlook on life is something coded into our DNA, for the majority of people, it is more about perspective. It is about choice. Unfortunately, the way we perceive things is subject to a lot of things; past experiences, our general personality and our mood. For example, can you think of a time when something made you sad and suddenly all you could focus on were the depressing things going on in your life? Or the other way around - when something wonderful happened to you and suddenly your entire... Read more »

Why Working up a Sweat Before Breakfast Is THE Best Way To Start Your Day


I have no doubt that you are already well aware of the many benefits regular exercise has to offer both your mental and physical health. You’ve heard it a thousand times before. Yet, whilst we all know of the many, many benefits that are to be had with a regular exercise routine – getting the time to actually make it happen is rare. Life gets in the way; career stresses, family life, lack of motivation etc. When it comes down to choosing between getting up and going for a run or having 30 minutes extra in bed, sleep will nearly always win. We make promises of ‘I’ll start another day’ and for now,... Read more »

Are You Living Like There’s No Tomorrow? You Should Be. Find Out Why

Are You Living Like There's No Tomorrow?

Imagine the end is nigh. You’re staring death square in the eye and can hear the final grains of sand slipping through the hourglass of your life – bringing your journey on earth to a close. What do you think about? Who or what preoccupies your final thoughts? Perhaps you think about all of the people you wish you’d reached out to; all of the experiences you’d wanted but hadn’t quite gotten around to? What would your one real regret be? Would it be the time you wasted on the things that never mattered with the people that did? Maybe the cold shoulder you’d given your wife after a silly... Read more »

Detox Yourself of These 5 BS Belief Systems

Detox Yourself Of These 5 BS Belief Systems

How does the common saying go? Out with the old and in with the new? When you want to make changes in your life, there couldn't be wiser advice... So ask yourself – what old baggage do you need to do away with, to make more room for the new and improved? Limiting belief systems, misconceptions, self-doubt - the things you have carried around with you for too long now? When you want to heal old wounds, let go of past hurts - give away to receive. You need to rid yourself  of all the old thought patterns and  limiting beliefs that are preventing you from making the changes you need to be happy. For... Read more »

Are We Born With Talent Or Do We Develop It? A Practical Guide to Self-Improvement

Are We Born With Talent Or Do We Develop It? A Practical Guide to Self-Improvement

You have probably heard people describe someone as having ‘natural talent’ or as having been ‘born talented’. Maybe the person being described has been you? But what, exactly, is talent? And is talent something we are born with, or something that we have to work for? Whether you've got it or not, this post has the answers you need. What is ‘talent’? We all know or know of someone that we would describe as ‘talented’. This person could be anyone, from your favourite guitarist to your husband with his unwavering ability to cook delicious family meals for all every night. Talent comes in... Read more »

10 Habits of Happy People

10 Habits of Happy People

Happiness is a choice; some people choose to be happy, some do not. Whilst we might always encounter ups and downs in our lives, capable of impacting our happiness; the way we choose to handle these experiences is 100% within our power. Despite what society would have us believe, happiness is not something which can be achieved through fame, status, income, or appearance. In fact, we will not find happiness in anything external to us. Instead, happiness is something that can only be grown from within. Happy people are happy because they have decided to be. Our lives are forever changing and being built... Read more »

5 Inspirational Quotes To Change Your Relationship With Your Finances


The barrage of negative emotions that many people experience in relation to their finances, can prove an obstacle when they are looking to attract more wealth into their life. This perhaps explains why the issue of finances is such a sore spot for most. Many claim to want better finances, but it is as a result of the negativity and feelings of ‘lack’ they bring to the topic of income that turns it into such a big ‘issue’. Similarly to all aspects of our lives, the emotions and energies that we bring to the subject of wealth and cash impacts the part that it has to play in our lives. If you... Read more »

Get Motivated! Discover The Art Of Self-Motivation

Mr Motivator

Our levels of motivation can often seem as unpredictable as the English sunshine; it can be non-existent for weeks, when  out of the blue the clouds part and it arrives unannounced, a welcome sight to everyone. Staying motivated can indeed be a struggle, but rather than rely on the occasional bursts of unexpected motivation – how can we maintain our motivational drive, to ensure that it is there when we need it most? The ability to stay motivated for long periods of time can mean the difference between living a life of mediocrity and one of incredible success. Motivation provides us with the ability... Read more »

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