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Money is Energy: Spend it Wisely – Part 2


In ‘Money is Energy: Spend it Wisely – Part 1’, we discussed how money like everything else in our lives, consists of energy. Our energies can create our financial state. So, if every time you go to look at your bank balance you notice yourself wincing, it’s time to change the way you think and feel about money. It’s time you created for yourself a prosperity consciousness. But how can you ensure that your energies surrounding the subject of money are positive ones? How can you develop a prosperity consciousness? Hey Big Spender! Are you struggling to keep on top of your finances? Are you overdue... Read more »

Money is Energy: Spend it Wisely – Part 1


From a young age, we begin to piece together our financial ‘story’. You see, most of us grow up with the beliefs we’ve been given – based on the personal experiences and belief systems of others. These beliefs aren’t our own, yet we allow them to shape the way we think about and experience certain areas of our lives – one of the main ones being money. Whether it’s our upbringing, the media or even the opinions of strangers, there are a great deal of external influences responsible for creating our ‘financial blueprint’. This is the ‘story’ we tell ourselves about money; defining the... Read more »

5 Inspirational Quotes To Change Your Relationship With Your Finances


The barrage of negative emotions that many people experience in relation to their finances, can prove an obstacle when they are looking to attract more wealth into their life. This perhaps explains why the issue of finances is such a sore spot for most. Many claim to want better finances, but it is as a result of the negativity and feelings of ‘lack’ they bring to the topic of income that turns it into such a big ‘issue’. Similarly to all aspects of our lives, the emotions and energies that we bring to the subject of wealth and cash impacts the part that it has to play in our lives. If you... Read more »

Wealth Vs. Abundance – Which Are You Chasing?

Wealth vs. Abundance

Wealth vs. abundance - what’s the difference between the two? These closely related words may appear to have very similar meanings, but the reality of it is, wealth and abundance are two entirely different things. We would all like to have an abundance of wealth; after all, successful levels of wealth can offer a person freedom from the time restraints and worry that comes with careers and everyday living. However, despite the many obvious benefits that we know money can offer us – do we know for sure that wealth is the answer to our very greatest happiness? Arguably, we know that it is not. Abundance... Read more »

Hate Your Job? Discover Why Sometimes It’s Not Them, It’s You

hate your job

Is It Your Job That Needs To Change? Or You? Perhaps in the past you have been unhappy in other jobs; your bosses were rude, you felt uninspired and your work colleagues wore you down. So you moved jobs. However, as the weeks turned into months you began to notice the same negative patterns emerging; the same rude bosses, mundane tasks and irritating colleagues… Is this a pattern that you recognise? Then perhaps it’s time to face the music and consider this – that perhaps it’s not your job that is the problem? That in fact, the problem is you. Similarly to everything else in your life, your job is... Read more »

Why Hasn’t Anyone Used The Law Of Attraction To Win The Lottery?


A popular question commonly asked about the Law of Attraction, is ‘why doesn’t everybody just use it to win the lottery?’ Or even ‘Can I use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery?’ To make it clear – you can manifest absolutely anything that you want using the Law of Attraction. Yes, anything. So technically, using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery is a very real possibility – therefore the question that you should perhaps be asking yourself is why is it so difficult for anybody to succeed in doing so? Why You’ve Not Won The Lottery – Yet! Perhaps you yourself have attempted to... Read more »

The Busy Person’s 2 Step Guide To Attracting Wealth Using The Law Of Attraction


With money comes a whole spectrum of emotions and unwanted baggage. In a world run by money and the wealthy, it is no surprise that so many of us are hung up on the issue of ‘money’ – or in some cases, even ruled by it. How do you feel about your financial situation and the significance that it has in your life? This is an important question that everybody ought to consider. Have you been brought up to believe that money comes freely and easily to everyone? That there is enough for everyone to enjoy? Or, are you of the mind that money is something that you have to struggle for? Something that is held... Read more »

Three Myth-Busting Lessons On Money And the Law Of Attraction


There are so many teachings and conflicting ideas on using the Law Of Attraction for money, that getting to the truth of the matter can prove extremely difficult. However, if you are looking to use the Law Of Attraction to attract greater wealth and abundance into your life, then read on for the top 3 myths on the Law Of Attraction and money; debunked for your benefit! Myth #1: Making money requires hard work and struggle. It is often drilled into us from a young age that the road to financial benefits is a long and difficult one. However, this is one of the most common misconceptions about capial that... Read more »

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