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Why Good Things Come When You Least Expect Them


Have you noticed that good things happen in your life unexpectedly? Great benefits are gained when you have stopped striving toward a goal, and you are no longer thinking about something that you put great effort into attempting to achieve previously. Your experience is not unusual, since good things often come at times when people have forgotten about the need to obtain the things they want. Those aha moments that you experience also materialize when you are busily engaged in an unrelated activity. You might be making your bed or walking your dog when you suddenly know how to solve a problem that has been on... Read more »

Be careful what you wish for, you may GET IT!


Somehow (and we are not really certain how) we are all given super-natural personal power. Stronger than any magic, we are somehow able to make things happen.  We seem to be able at times, to make things and circumstances and people appear into our lives as we please.  Sometimes this takes terrific effort, sometimes it seems things appear merely by wishing.  The amount of effort may have to do with our personal belief that we have this ability, or just the sheer emotion that we build toward the desired thing at the time. However, it happens, we know that it does.  My mother used to  warn me, “Be... Read more »

Law of Attraction Tips – Get Results More Easily


Using the Law of Attraction to create and live the life of your dreams doesn't have to be complicated. Honestly. The biggest problem that most people have, is believing that it really is as simple as it sounds. Broken down simply, all that is required of you to make the Law of Attraction work in your favour, is to know what you want, fuel this urge with as much positivity as possible and then ‘allow’ it to unfold (i.e. by getting out of your own way!) Having said this, I understand that there are many, many people looking for ways to give their manifesting efforts a little boost – to start... Read more »

Sick of Waiting? 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Manifest


You’re doing everything right…you couldn’t have made your intentions any clearer to the universe. You now consider yourself to be the poster boy/girl of positivity. So what’s gone wrong? When you feel you’ve put in all the work, and to no avail, it’s no wonder you’re left feeling discouraged. Here are the four most common reasons for when manifesting fails, to learn from, for greater manifesting success. 1) Stop Resisting Fear is the biggest form of resistance. When you’re still holding onto some form of fear, whether it’s a fear of not having enough income, of not being good enough... Read more »

Money is Energy: Spend it Wisely – Part 1


From a young age, we begin to piece together our financial ‘story’. You see, most of us grow up with the beliefs we’ve been given – based on the personal experiences and belief systems of others. These beliefs aren’t our own, yet we allow them to shape the way we think about and experience certain areas of our lives – one of the main ones being money. Whether it’s our upbringing, the media or even the opinions of strangers, there are a great deal of external influences responsible for creating our ‘financial blueprint’. This is the ‘story’ we tell ourselves about money; defining the... Read more »

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… Are You Making The Right One?


Some decisions you make without even thinking about it; some decisions can drag out for days – months, years even! This post is about knowing how to make the tough choices – how do you make a not-every-day decision? Especially when it seems as though there is a lot at stake? When faced with a confusing or even painful decision, many people can get ‘stuck’. They freeze and find themselves incapable of taking any action, let alone find the answer to the scary decision they face. If you struggle to make decisions – big or small – and need a simple solution to help you become unstuck, take a... Read more »

Law of Attraction 101 For The Modern Family

Law of Attraction 101 For The Modern Family

The Law of Attraction is for everyone. Whether it’s your granny, your children, your husband, yourself – the Law of Attraction is a part of all our lives. Some people just don’t know it yet. Wouldn’t it have been great to have learnt about it at a younger age? To have grown up powerful and strong in the knowledge that our entire world was our own to create? Oh, how differently we may have chosen to live our lives… If you want more for your children, for them to grow up with a good understanding of the Law of Attraction and what they are capable of – they can! Many people would love to improve... Read more »

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?


We can’t see it, touch it, smell it or hear it – so how can we be expected to believe in it? Like all things concerning the heart and our happiness, it can be easy to brush off something like ‘the Law of Attraction’ as spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Even the most eager spirituality seeker can have their moments of doubt – after all, when there are no hard facts to support our beliefs, how do we know if we are following the right path or simply reaching for something that is all purely in the mind. Where’s The Proof? In today’s modern society, we have been programmed to look to the external for proof... Read more »

Don’t Miss Out On These Top 5 Law Of Attraction Tips


When introduced to the Law of Attraction for the first time, the world as you know it can seem changed forever. Suddenly, you are no longer watching the show from the wings, you ARE the show. You find yourself holding the paintbrush of your life, the creator of your life’s picture. You realise that you have been all along! Old belief systems and restricting thoughts are blown out of the water and the curtains fall away as the world before you becomes limitless – looming and awaiting your commands. Well – this is what happens for some people. For others, the realisation that they are the sole creator of... Read more »

News Flash: You Are Already Living The Life You Want

Make It Happen

You are already living the life that you want. You always have, and always will. Does this sound correct to you? Many may try to argue that in fact, no, they are in no way living the life that they had wanted for themselves.  But this just isn’t the case – each and every one of us are living the life that we chose. It just might not be the life that you thought you wanted. Sound confusing? Let’s explore this a little more… You might think that you want to become a teacher. However, you didn’t turn up on the first day of college and instead choose to do what you wanted - which is stay in your... Read more »

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