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How Your Life Lessons Make An Appearance


Life lessons can be obvious or subtle. Sometimes they turn up in a package that you identify and can make use of instantly. However, at others, they appear in forms that you do not automatically recognize. Much of the time, such occurrences seem negative initially. You might even feel discouraged and uncomfortable when they arise. In fact, it is often when opportunities for self-growth appear, which push your boundaries that a great deal of learning can take place. Relationships Your relationships provide you with fantastic opportunities to gain knowledge about life and self-awareness. Possibly, you class some... Read more »

5 Reasons to Keep Going When Life Gets Tough


Have you been struggling through a bit of a rough patch? Does it feel as though, lately, you’ve been down on your ‘luck’ or that life just won’t give you a break? Sometimes when we’re up against it and thrown into difficult situations, it can feel as though the universe isn’t on our side. It can be tempting to just throw in the towel…to give up and resign ourselves to the negativity that has entered our lives. But why do that? Life will always have something unexpected to throw our way, which is something we can all expect. But if you want to make the very most of your life, this one... Read more »

Are You Saying ‘YES!’ to This?


Perhaps you’ve seen the popular Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’? If so, then you’ll know that it is a film about a man who cannot help but say ‘no’ to everything. However, after attending a motivational seminar that challenges him to start saying ‘yes’ to more of life’s many, many opportunities, a string of positive (yet hilarious) events ensue… So what has this box office hit got to do with YOU? Well, there is a lot that can be learned from Jim Carrey’s character in this film. For starters, it offers a powerful example of how making one seemingly small, positive change – like... Read more »

How to Be Unhappy – An Unrecommended Guide


When you’re feeling unhappy or beat down by life, who or what is often to blame? Perhaps you blame the people you know; your family, your spouse or your boss at work? Maybe you look at your life and think ‘no wonder I’m so unhappy…what with my rubbish job/cramped apartment/the grey weather/my empty bank account etc. etc…’? Whilst it can be safely assumed that everybody wants to be happy, it seems that no one (myself included) is immune to the irresistible pull of wanting to find reasons for unhappiness. Not only do we look for reasons to be unhappy but we blame our unhappiness on everyone and... Read more »

Generation Y: The Top 5 Worries of the Young – And How to Deal With Them

travel 2

We live in a society where we want it all. For many of us growing up, survival wasn’t an issue. Happiness is not regarded as a luxury or an after-thought, but a privilege. But faced with possibilities that stretch endlessly before us and with exciting opportunities available to us around every corner, why do we still seem to have more worries than ever? For the lucky generation Y-ers currently navigating their 20s, expectations are high. After all, this is the generation that has had it all. But when the world is quite literally your oyster, where do you begin? When you are faced with choices and... Read more »

The Quick ‘N’ Easy Guide To Keeping Your Cool (No Matter How Heated Things Get!)

Stay Cool

Dealing with an angry relative, friend or spouse? Knowing how to react and respond in the face of hatred can be incredibly tough for anyone. Provoked or unprovoked, when facing the angry or hurtful words of another it can be a challenge to not react with the same negativity that’s got us all fired up! We are all only human after all; when someone tries to inflict what they are currently feeling onto us, responding with more of the same can be the all too easy option. After all, the majority of us are brought up with the belief that we must fight fire with fire. If someone shouts, you shout louder. If... Read more »

Step Away From the PC Screen! 50 Things to Do That Don’t Involve Your Computer


Are you fed up of living your life behind a screen? Your computer, television, mobile phone…when you know you’ve got stuff to be getting on with - life goals to pursue, relationships to enjoy, dreams to chase – the internet can become the ideal spot for some pesky procrastination. What begins as a quick sneak- peek on Facebook can suddenly spiral into hours of trawling through the internet, looking for cat videos on YouTube and stalking your celeb crush’s twitter account. The irony of you reading this article on the internet isn’t lost on me. However, I’m not suggesting that we all give up... Read more »

Feeling Lost? What to Do When Everything Falls Apart and Life ‘Sucks’


Sudden illness, business challenges, heartbreak, impossible situations… When it comes to life, no-one is immune to the many ‘bumps’ and ‘cracks’ in the road. We’ve all experienced our fair-share of darn-right ‘sucky’ situations – some a lot more than others. But what should you do when life leaves you in a head-spin and no matter where you look, everything seems to…well…suck? No matter how strong we may consider ourselves to be, from time to time we all find ourselves facing tough situations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and lost. Perhaps you’re in a similar situation... Read more »

Intuition vs. Fear: How to Follow Your Gut

Fear vs. Intuition

From time to time, we all face the same dilemma - should we follow our head or our heart? Butterflies in your stomach…clammy hands…When you're facing a fork in the road, how do you know if you're listening to your fears or your intuition? When you're frozen with inaction, how can you tell if you've fallen victim to your fears or if this is all your intuition trying to scream at you ‘Stoooop – this isn’t the right direction/choice/move for you!'? This is an important issue; after all, too often people find themselves ‘stuck’, incapable of action because they’re afraid of whether or not they... Read more »

Are You Living Like There’s No Tomorrow? You Should Be. Find Out Why

Are You Living Like There's No Tomorrow?

Imagine the end is nigh. You’re staring death square in the eye and can hear the final grains of sand slipping through the hourglass of your life – bringing your journey on earth to a close. What do you think about? Who or what preoccupies your final thoughts? Perhaps you think about all of the people you wish you’d reached out to; all of the experiences you’d wanted but hadn’t quite gotten around to? What would your one real regret be? Would it be the time you wasted on the things that never mattered with the people that did? Maybe the cold shoulder you’d given your wife after a silly... Read more »