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Why You Need To Let Go to Get What You Want


Hang on to a balloon, when you would prefer to see it in the sky, and it's obvious that you are not going to get what you want. However, recognizing that you need to release your intentions to the universe in order to receive results might not be easy to understand. The law of attraction involves focusing on your goals, but doing so is not the end of the exercise. You need to liberate your dreams if you want them to come true. For a moment, think of the universe as an enormous brain. The wishes that you want to transpire are bright sparks of energy that, once released, travel across neurons, creating... Read more »

The Truth Can Set You Free


Miserable thoughts today won’t result in a happier tomorrow. It just isn’t going to happen. So it’s time to face up to reality – are you happy? Are you living up to your full potential? If your answer is NO, then what are you going to do about it? There’s a difference between working hard at something for gain and having to drag yourself through the motions  in the vain hope that you’re misery now will pay off. You’ve got to recognize when it’s time to stop. Identify when you’re only holding onto something out of fear, rather than passion…learn to distinguish between whether... Read more »

Want to Be Happy? Give Up These 10 Things Right Now


Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! Happiness is the one common goal we all share. But frustratingly, when it comes to our happiness, we all come up against the same obstacles – the chief obstacle being ourselves. Whether we doubt our abilities, hold onto limiting beliefs or keep ourselves small out of fear; intentionally or unintentionally, we are all guilty of standing in the way of our happiness at some time or another. The good news is – there are countless ways in which we can get out of our own way! By learning to let go of certain limitations and by just embracing life, rather than... Read more »

Detox Yourself of These 5 BS Belief Systems

Detox Yourself Of These 5 BS Belief Systems

How does the common saying go? Out with the old and in with the new? When you want to make changes in your life, there couldn't be wiser advice... So ask yourself – what old baggage do you need to do away with, to make more room for the new and improved? Limiting belief systems, misconceptions, self-doubt - the things you have carried around with you for too long now? When you want to heal old wounds, let go of past hurts - give away to receive. You need to rid yourself  of all the old thought patterns and  limiting beliefs that are preventing you from making the changes you need to be happy. For... Read more »

Want To Feel Better? Unlock The Key To Using Affirmations


No matter how worn down, helpless, tired or trapped we might feel; to begin feeling better, all that we have to do is be willing. Be willing to try, to maybe change – willing to improve our mood or attitude for the better. It is this small act of willingness that can set big changes in motion. It is our way of saying to the universe that we are ready to change our thought patterns or our circumstances for the better. It doesn't matter if you are totally clueless as to how you can pull yourself out of your slump or the troubles you have fallen into; by simply opening your mind to the possibility of positive... Read more »

Got A Lot On Your Mind? Lighten Up With These 4 Worry-Busting Tips For Your Most Stressful Moments

Stress Free Zone

We are all prone to worrying from time to time; whether we are worrying about the small things, such as a new haircut or worrying about the more important things, such as a sick relative or there being no food in the cupboards. No matter how big or small our worries may be they are all capable of impacting on our thought patterns and emotions. If left unchecked, our worries can also lead to serious implications for both our mental and physical health. Having worries is simply a part of being human. It is when your problems come to literally dominate all of your thoughts, actions and consume your entire day... Read more »

Want To Drop The Drama? Here Are 5 Tips For A Drama Free Life


Drama is great – when it’s kept on screen or on a stage. In real life, however, drama can suck! The definition of the kind of ‘drama’ that we see thrown about in real life – at the office, in a restaurant or even in the streets – is best described as ‘making a big deal over something unnecessarily’. Ring any bells? We have all been witness to this type of ‘drama’ at some time or another. Have known people that thrive off of and create drama…or perhaps been guilty of it ourselves? But do you really have the time or room in your life for something that cause’s unnecessary conflict,... Read more »

Should You Forgive And Forget? Why You Can And Should Learn To Forgive


‘ I'm right and you’re wrong’ – sound familiar? This is a mentality that we are all guilty of falling into at some time or another. But what happens when we cannot move on from feelings of having been wronged? Should we choose to forgive, and if so, how can we go about it? You have been wronged by your friend, your ex-girlfriend treated you badly, a work colleague has been talking down to you or you were cut up by a driver whilst on your way to work this morning. It doesn't matter what your reasons are, you feel wronged and completely justified in your resentment. You refuse to budge in your anger... Read more »

A Question Of Love: Can The Law Of Attraction Save My Relationship?


  Finding and being in love can be a truly wonderful, life-changing thing. But what happens when love lets us down, or even lets us go? We know that whatever we want most and give our attention to the most, we can attract into our lives – including love. But the question on many people’s lips is this – can the law of attraction save my relationship? Can it revive a love that is seemingly no longer there? It is no surprise that so many people often ask this question – after all, relationships are being made and broken every minute of every day. Unfortunately, the answer to this question... Read more »

Forget The Past, Forego The Future – How To Start Living In The Present


Are you always living 10 steps ahead of yourself? It is an unfortunate habit that we have developed as a modern society, unable to live in the present but always focusing and worrying about the future. When we are at work, we dream about when we will be on holiday. When we are on holiday, we worry about the amount of work we will have sitting on our desks when we return. Shouldn’t we be tired of forever trying to run ahead of ourselves? For many of us, continually living in the future has become a common coping mechanism for avoiding any of the worries or challenges that might be facing us today. But whilst... Read more »

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