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50 Acts of Kindness to Get the Most Out of The Holidays

Pug Dog with Santa hat. copyright 2005 Bill Frymire

It’s the holiday season and people everywhere are running themselves ragged, picking up their final gifts, preparing to have family over or simply squeezing in as many work shifts as possible to earn some last-minute, much-needed money. This is a fantastic but often frantic time of year and in our eagerness to show everyone in our lives just how much they mean to us, the rush to find the best, most expensive gifts for our loved ones can consume us. Swept up in the excitement of the season, many of us can forget that all-important truth – that the very best gifts in life are free. Does this sound corny?... Read more »

Give Back This Christmas

Give At Christmas

"Nothing that you have not given away will ever be really yours." - C. S. Lewis It is during this exciting time of year, as we begin to take stock of how abundant and miraculous our lives truly are, that we are reminded more than ever of the many people in the world perhaps not as fortunate as ourselves. Christmas is one of the best times of year; it brings families and friends together, provides much needed time to reflect and give thanks for the many wonderful things that we have in our lives. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a lavish celebration! Despite this, it should never be forgotten that... Read more »

What Does ‘Compassion’ Mean To You?


Compassion is a strong component within many religions, cultures, philosophies and households. However, no teachings on compassion are quite as well-articulated or well-developed as the Buddhist teachings on it. The way in which followers of Buddhism cultivate and practice this powerful quality is extraordinary, admirable even. In Buddhist teachings, Buddha is said to have described two qualities as being essential to a person’s true enlightenment; wisdom and compassion. In today’s Western society we probably associate these two qualities as being opposites. ‘Wisdom’ is considered to be a sign of... Read more »

Pay It Forward – How To Make A Difference To The Lives Around You

Paying It Forward

We would do anything for the ones that we love – but what would we be willing to do for others? We all have an unlimited capacity for giving, whether we know it or not. We know that we are capable of offering love, care and support to the people we love most. But we too often overlook our ability to give to the world as a whole. We feel that we aren't important enough, or that we simply do not have that much to offer. However, we couldn't be any further from the truth. You Have So Much To Give Giving is such a healing, transformational process for both the giver and receiver. Even if you feel as though... Read more »

5 Important Acts Of Self-Kindness


Now and again, we all suffer from feelings of unworthiness or of there being something ‘wrong’ with us. In fact, as a society we have made showing unworthiness in ourselves more acceptable than public displays of confidence or self-approval – which are deemed by many as being a sign of arrogance or of being egotistical. This devastating absence of self-belief and self-love in individuals is nothing short of tragic. Since when did we decide that meekness in our ability as individuals should become a more desirable trait then unwavering self-love? We are all beautifully unique and miraculous beings – we... Read more »