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A Meditation to Help You Stress Less


A fluttery heart, clammy palms or scattered thinking…? The effects of stress are never nice, but what’s worse are the unseen effects stress can have on our health. When we’re functioning under stress our bodies automatically switch on their fight or flight responses – which is fine when you need to throw yourself out of the way of an oncoming car or run from a rabid wolf. However, when you’re sitting in the office, trying to relax at home or just attempting to get on with everyday tasks, the effects will often leave you feeling on-edge, impatient and pretty much exhausted. Trying to function for... Read more »

Live to 100: Lessons in Longevity from Some of The World’s Oldest People

Old Age

The idea of living to the age of 100 years old was once nothing more than a sci-fi fantasy. However, in the 21st Century we’ve seen more and more people reach triple digits. Most amazingly of all, it would seem that those who enjoy a longer-than-average life do so in incredible health and happiness! The kinds of people that are living to 110 are also the ones who enjoy an exceptional quality of life that we could all learn from. It would seem that the way a person lived in their 20’s, 30’s and entire younger life pretty much sets the tone for how they spend their twilight years. If this is the case,... Read more »

How To Say ‘Yes’ To Your Happiness By Saying ‘No’ To Others

How To Say 'YES' To Your Happiness By Saying 'NO' To Others

When it comes to your happiness and success, there are no two more influential words than the common ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Whilst it is believed that saying ‘no’ can close doors and dampen relationships, sometimes, saying ‘yes’ can actually have far greater repercussions. If you are forever saying ‘yes’ to other people and their needs, you are at serious risk of putting off your own goals and happiness. When you say ‘yes’ to the people, projects, favours and requests that you just know you have no time or enthusiasm for – ask yourself – who is benefiting? The answer is not you. If... Read more »

Knowing When To Quit – And Why Sometimes It Isn’t Necessarily Such A Bad Idea


You are taught that the things in life worth having are the things that you have to work (and maybe even suffer) for. But when you have to work so hard for something that it begins to damage your health, impact other areas of your life or even just leave you plain depressed – how do you know when it’s time to say enough is enough? Growing up, the majority of us are taught that quitting is for – well – quitters. Therefore, we try to avoid ‘quitting’ like the plague. So, when times get tough we grit our teeth and dig our heels in – determined to see through what we have begun, come high water or... Read more »

‘Will It Matter To Me In 10 Years Time?’ – Why We Should Look To Our Future In Times Of Need


Sometimes, it can be all too easy to feel as though everything is going wrong. You are rushed off your feet, are having restless nights and it seems that in every area of your life things are beginning to take a turn for the worst. Rather than these things being a result of a huge catastrophe or life-altering event, all too often we find ourselves in this energy-less, anxious and stressed-out state from the everyday ‘little things’ that we are continually fighting to control. A snide remark from a colleague, a misplaced document, forgetting a birthday, an overdue haircut – we all know of the saying... Read more »

Find Out What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Your Health…

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Are you forever beating yourself up about how ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ your lifestyle is? Fortunately, as a society we have become increasingly aware of our health and how our lifestyle and lifestyle choices are impacting our overall well-being  However, despite our new found awareness of the many dangers lurking in our exercise, food, drinking and smoking choices – there seems to have been no significant improvement in our nation’s general health statistics. So why is this? Why is it that although every other person we know has gym membership/drinks green juices/is an expert yogi – society as... Read more »

10 Health Commandments That We Should All Live By


Your health is in your hands - and as we know, prevention is always much better than cure. So, what should you be doing to preserve this and ensure that you are living your healthiest possible life? The key is this – let your body take care of you. After all, that is what it was intended for. Our bodies already have the capability to heal, regulate and balance themselves – so it is your responsibility to give it the best possible conditions in which to do this. Create a state of wellbeing that allows your body to do what it does best and you can guarantee yourself a long, prosperous and happy life.... Read more »

Can You Really Have Your Cake And Eat It? Swap Your ‘Fat’ Thoughts For ‘Thin’ Ones


If you had to say what you were most grateful for in life, what would you say? Would you say your friends, your family, your house or even your job? For the majority of us our answer would perhaps be any of the above, but one thing that many of us would never think to be grateful for is our body. When we consider how much our bodies actually do for us; their strength, their flexibility, their healing abilities… the lack of gratitude and love that we show for our bodies is actually deeply disturbing. Our bodies are continually performing miracles on a daily basis; they are the one thing that we... Read more »

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