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Why Positive Thinking Can Boost Physical Health


Positive thinking can transform your mental life, boosting your daily happiness levels and expediting your path to success. However, the benefits of a more positive outlook can also extend to your physical health in some interesting and surprising ways. Positive Thinking Reduces Stress Levels Studies on positive thinkers strongly suggest that these people are better at coping with stress and are more likely to spend time focusing on constructive solutions to problems. Cardiovascular tests on optimists and pessimists show that optimistic people's bodies return to a relaxed state (including a normal resting... Read more »

Feeling the Strain? Check Out These 8 Common Causes of Chronic Stress


Are you used to feeling strung-out, over stretched or just down-right frazzled? In our results-driven, modern age it has become the ‘norm’ to live life in the fast lane. When others ask us how we are, we wear our answer of ‘stressed’ almost as a badge of honour. For many of us, our stress has come to be seen as nothing more than a sign that we are getting things ‘done’. It’s regarded as a sign of progress and ‘necessary’ hard work. Whilst a certain amount of stress is natural (it is essential for the fight-or-flight response that is in fact, very useful in high-pressure situations),... Read more »

How To Say ‘Yes’ To Your Happiness By Saying ‘No’ To Others

How To Say 'YES' To Your Happiness By Saying 'NO' To Others

When it comes to your happiness and success, there are no two more influential words than the common ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Whilst it is believed that saying ‘no’ can close doors and dampen relationships, sometimes, saying ‘yes’ can actually have far greater repercussions. If you are forever saying ‘yes’ to other people and their needs, you are at serious risk of putting off your own goals and happiness. When you say ‘yes’ to the people, projects, favours and requests that you just know you have no time or enthusiasm for – ask yourself – who is benefiting? The answer is not you. If... Read more »

5 Powerful Truths to Help Put An End To Your Suffering

5 Powerful Truths to End Your Suffering

When we think about the many ways in which we make ourselves suffer, not physically but mentally suffer, it is clear to see how the majority of our problems begin with us. The Law of Attraction teaches that our lives are mirrors, reflecting back at us what we are feeling and thinking. So, when we come to discover that - for the most part - we are the instigators of our own worries and torment, how can we really be so surprised? Without a doubt, there are many external factors capable of impacting our happiness. Some things are just out of our control. It is up to us to create the necessary groundwork... Read more »

Got A Lot On Your Mind? Lighten Up With These 4 Worry-Busting Tips For Your Most Stressful Moments

Stress Free Zone

We are all prone to worrying from time to time; whether we are worrying about the small things, such as a new haircut or worrying about the more important things, such as a sick relative or there being no food in the cupboards. No matter how big or small our worries may be they are all capable of impacting on our thought patterns and emotions. If left unchecked, our worries can also lead to serious implications for both our mental and physical health. Having worries is simply a part of being human. It is when your problems come to literally dominate all of your thoughts, actions and consume your entire day... Read more »

Knowing When To Quit – And Why Sometimes It Isn’t Necessarily Such A Bad Idea


You are taught that the things in life worth having are the things that you have to work (and maybe even suffer) for. But when you have to work so hard for something that it begins to damage your health, impact other areas of your life or even just leave you plain depressed – how do you know when it’s time to say enough is enough? Growing up, the majority of us are taught that quitting is for – well – quitters. Therefore, we try to avoid ‘quitting’ like the plague. So, when times get tough we grit our teeth and dig our heels in – determined to see through what we have begun, come high water or... Read more »

‘Will It Matter To Me In 10 Years Time?’ – Why We Should Look To Our Future In Times Of Need


Sometimes, it can be all too easy to feel as though everything is going wrong. You are rushed off your feet, are having restless nights and it seems that in every area of your life things are beginning to take a turn for the worst. Rather than these things being a result of a huge catastrophe or life-altering event, all too often we find ourselves in this energy-less, anxious and stressed-out state from the everyday ‘little things’ that we are continually fighting to control. A snide remark from a colleague, a misplaced document, forgetting a birthday, an overdue haircut – we all know of the saying... Read more »

The 7 Powerful Healing Properties Of Laughter


When it comes to combating negativity and feelings of depression, there is nothing quite like the healing properties of laughter. Having a sense of humour not only helps to make life more fun, but the more we learn to laugh at life and at ourselves, the easier it can become to face up to our challenges and overcome times of adversity. The more we laugh, the lighter and more free we feel. Just think about the last time you enjoyed a good old belly laugh – didn’t you feel incredible afterwards? Laughter really is the best medicine, and when we learn to take life and ourselves less seriously, we can use our... Read more »

The Universe Says Relax! 5 Powerful Relaxation Techniques Everyone Can Use


Thanks to the many different stresses of modern life, many consider the idea of true relaxation to be a far-off, impossible dream. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you suffer from anxiety and stress, then with the help of effective relaxation techniques and improved thinking, you can begin to live a more relaxed and happy lifestyle. Being relaxed is essential to being productive and happy. The problem with experiencing lengthy periods of high stress and worry is that your health and mental well-being can be severely affected. Furthermore, many of the ways in which people try to relax are often... Read more »

How To Ride The Waves Of Anger


It is a misconception that the more spiritually in tune we are, the less likely we are to experience anger. However, this simply isn’t the case – anger is a completely natural emotion, that we are all bound to experience from time to time. For some, anger is a much bigger deal than it is for others. In some people, their anger can become explosive and uncontrollable. As positive and life-affirming as anger can be, when it goes unchecked in this way it can lead to people getting hurt, emotionally or in worse case scenarios – physically. However, as damaging as badly directed anger can be, anger that... Read more »

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