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5 Ways To Make This Your Best Christmas Ever!

golden christmas card

The Christmas season means many different things to many different people. It can be a hectic, chaotic time – life is busier and more expensive. During this time of year, life can also be more beautiful and brilliant! Not to forget, there are countless people out there for whom Christmas can be a sad or even lonely time. It is during this time of year that it becomes more important than ever that we care for and include these people in the warmth we enjoy and create in our own Christmas celebrations. The simple pleasures are what make Christmas such an enjoyable time of year. So, strip back the chaos and... Read more »

Give Back This Christmas

Give At Christmas

"Nothing that you have not given away will ever be really yours." - C. S. Lewis It is during this exciting time of year, as we begin to take stock of how abundant and miraculous our lives truly are, that we are reminded more than ever of the many people in the world perhaps not as fortunate as ourselves. Christmas is one of the best times of year; it brings families and friends together, provides much needed time to reflect and give thanks for the many wonderful things that we have in our lives. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a lavish celebration! Despite this, it should never be forgotten that... Read more »

My Story…By Pauline Giles


Pauline Giles is a woman worthy of great recognition for both her achievements and the determination she has shown overcoming some of life's greatest challenges. Here is a detailed account of her story where she reveals all. May 2010 - My mother and I attend an appointment at a Genetics Clinic. My gran and mother had both had breast cancer and we wanted to know if we were carrying the BRCA gene which could mean my daughter and I could be carriers. The lovely lady doctor explained in order to be checked we needed two surviving generations, so that they could check tissue. The doctor looked up and said... Read more »

Fight Back Against Isolation! 12 Ways To Reach Out To Your Fellow Human Being


‘You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’ – A. A. Milne Many of us live in relatively isolated societies – we walk with our headphones firmly plugged in, bury our heads in our newspapers on the way to work, sit in segregated office cubicles, get home and watch the T.V. The list could go on – Despite being shown time and time again by both scientists and campaigners of common sense that isolation is bad for both our happiness and our health, as a society we are still yet to sit up and listen. Places in the world in which... Read more »

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