Articles tagged Buddhism

Can These 3 Ancient Chinese Teachings Help To Change Your Life?


Ours is an enlightened age – modern society is rich with different philosophies, still studied and taught by some of the brightest minds history has seen. However, if you’ve ever been interested in or studied philosophy, you will already know that the majority of today’s teachings on philosophy come from some of the world’s earliest civilisations. Ancient China in particular, is responsible for the majority of philosophies still taught and celebrated today. Why China? Well, if philosophy is something you’re interested in, you’ll also know that three of history’s most significant pillars of... Read more »

What Does ‘Compassion’ Mean To You?


Compassion is a strong component within many religions, cultures, philosophies and households. However, no teachings on compassion are quite as well-articulated or well-developed as the Buddhist teachings on it. The way in which followers of Buddhism cultivate and practice this powerful quality is extraordinary, admirable even. In Buddhist teachings, Buddha is said to have described two qualities as being essential to a person’s true enlightenment; wisdom and compassion. In today’s Western society we probably associate these two qualities as being opposites. ‘Wisdom’ is considered to be a sign of... Read more »

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