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5 Reasons to Keep Going When Life Gets Tough


Have you been struggling through a bit of a rough patch? Does it feel as though, lately, you’ve been down on your ‘luck’ or that life just won’t give you a break? Sometimes when we’re up against it and thrown into difficult situations, it can feel as though the universe isn’t on our side. It can be tempting to just throw in the towel…to give up and resign ourselves to the negativity that has entered our lives. But why do that? Life will always have something unexpected to throw our way, which is something we can all expect. But if you want to make the very most of your life, this one... Read more »

Do You Dare? An Anthem For The Brave…


Dear brave, wonderful and unique YOU… Do you dare to smile when others frown? To believe when others doubt and to love when others fear? Will you find the courage to step off of the beaten track? To create your own path and in doing so, lead the way for others too afraid to do the same? Can you break down all thoughts of limitations, to ensure you never settle for anything less than you’re absolutely worth? Will you push through all expectation, all fear of criticism, judgment and failure…to recognize that you are already enough, exactly as you are? Can you LOVE with everything you’ve got?... Read more »

5 Powerful Affirmations for Happiness NOW


We are what we think. And what does thinking consist of? Words… Our words are powerful things. The words we use to talk to ourselves, to others, when we think and when we daydream…these are all energy too, so why aren’t we using our words more to our advantage? Well now you can! Affirmations offer an ideal way in which to use your words positively, to create change in your life. With the right affirmation you can swap a negative mentality for a positive one, gain improved clarity in a situation and work toward achieving your goals. Below you will find 5 powerful affirmations to help you in all... Read more »

10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself Today


A happy life begins, ultimately, with taking good care of yourself. That doesn’t mean waiting until tomorrow, or the day after, or even the week after to start. Your life is now. If you want to start living the incredible life you deserve, you need to start taking better care of yourself beginning today. To make sure you don’t waste a moment longer, here are 10 suggestions on how to get started. Ready? 1. Breathe deeply. How often do you pay attention to your breathing? For most people, the answer is typically – not enough. In moments of stress or difficulty, your breathing can become... Read more »

5 Simple Changes That Could Help Transform Your Life


As popular as goal-setting may be, sometimes it’s better to start small when you’re looking to make big, long-lasting change. Small, easy steps – that is the key. So, if you’ve taken a look at your life and decided that the time for change is NOW, start small. Try setting a goal to change as little as 3-5 things in your life one thing at a time. Make it manageable. Want some suggestions? Here are 5 simple changes that will help send you in the right direction toward positive, long-lasting change: 1. Invite more love into your life. A hug from a friend, holding your partner’s hand, a kind... Read more »

Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full? Learn Why It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Are you a glass half empty or half full kind of person? Whilst some people may argue that a positive or negative outlook on life is something coded into our DNA, for the majority of people, it is more about perspective. It is about choice. Unfortunately, the way we perceive things is subject to a lot of things; past experiences, our general personality and our mood. For example, can you think of a time when something made you sad and suddenly all you could focus on were the depressing things going on in your life? Or the other way around - when something wonderful happened to you and suddenly your entire... Read more »

If You’re Waiting For The Right Time, It’s Now


Do you have a dream? But until now, fear has prevented you from going for that dream? Most people know where it is that they want to go, but are too afraid to take the steps they need to get there. Fear has become the biggest dominating force behind all of their decision-making. However, it is important to remember that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or afraid. You just need to use what you have now, focus only on what is in front of you and start now. You don’t have to have a degree, be working with the best team or have the perfect website in order to start... Read more »

Feeling the Strain? Check Out These 8 Common Causes of Chronic Stress


Are you used to feeling strung-out, over stretched or just down-right frazzled? In our results-driven, modern age it has become the ‘norm’ to live life in the fast lane. When others ask us how we are, we wear our answer of ‘stressed’ almost as a badge of honour. For many of us, our stress has come to be seen as nothing more than a sign that we are getting things ‘done’. It’s regarded as a sign of progress and ‘necessary’ hard work. Whilst a certain amount of stress is natural (it is essential for the fight-or-flight response that is in fact, very useful in high-pressure situations),... Read more »

How to Help Make Yourself Irresistible To Anyone (and Everyone)


What is it about some people that just makes them…well…so darn irresistible? We all know them; we’ve seen them too, walking past us on the street, turning heads at the party - chatting easily with the many awe-struck strangers that just have to stop and say ‘hi’… But who are these people? And what is it that makes others so effortlessly drawn to them? The simple reason? These people have heart. They have soul. What makes the irresistible so irresistible is that they embody everything that makes life so good – authenticity, warmth and a killer sense of self. Jealous? You shouldn’t... Read more »

Shake Up The Status Quo! 10 Questions to Set You Free


Do you know that you are not living your greatest possible life, but are afraid to make the changes necessary to turn your situation around? If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, here are 10 questions to help shake up your expectations for your life and move forward with confidence. 1. If you could wipe the slate clean, would you still stay? Sometimes, we know deep down in our hearts that something’s got to change. However, we rationalize our need for things to stay the same by looking at how much time, energy or income we’ve already invested. For example, you may be reluctant to leave a job that makes you... Read more »

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