A Meditation to Help You Stress Less

A fluttery heart, clammy palms or scattered thinking…?

The effects of stress are never nice, but what’s worse are the unseen effects stress can have on our health. When we’re functioning under stress our bodies automatically switch on their fight or flight responses – which is fine when you need to throw yourself out of the way of an oncoming car or run from a rabid wolf. However, when you’re sitting in the office, trying to relax at home or just attempting to get on with everyday tasks, the effects will often leave you feeling on-edge, impatient and pretty much exhausted.

Trying to function for hours or even days with these fight or flight energies cursing through your body– which is not uncommon in our fast-paced age – will pretty soon take its toll.
So what can you do to help keep your stress levels to a minimum and stave off any unwanted side-effects?

For starters, when you’re experiencing stress of any kind, it is always worth paying a little more attention to your thoughts. Stress is often the result of resistance, so when you begin to notice those tell-tale signs of anxiety creeping in, stop and ask yourself – what am I trying to resist here?

When you are under stress, you will find that you are very rarely living in the present moment. So what is preoccupying your thoughts? Are you stuck thinking about the past, or are you worried about something in the future?

Whether or not you are able to pinpoint the exact cause of your stress, it is always worth taking a couple of minutes out of whatever you are doing to breath and re-center.

Want to know how?

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PLUS : Here’s a quick exercise you can turn to whenever, wherever:

Meditate on Your ‘Inner Guide’

Stressed out?

The first step is to take a moment away from everything, just for yourself. This can mean going and lying down on your bed, or if you’re sitting in your cubicle or at your desk at work, simply push the keyboard away from you for a moment and gently close your eyes (don’t worry what your work colleagues think – they’ve all been there!).

Place a hand gently either over your heart or your stomach. Feel your breath, let it slow. Forget about what may have just happened or what is going to happen next. Just concentrate on the steady beat of your heart or the rise and fall of your stomach.

Then all you should do is ask yourself – ‘what would you like me to do next?’

That’s it.

‘What would you like me to do next?’

Continue to breath, and then listen closely to whatever it is that your emotions have to tell you.

It could be to go make yourself a cup of tea, to speak to a friend, to send an email asking for help with a work project, to get to the gym or even to get an early night. Simply listen to what your intuition has to say.

Learn to trust your inner guide more; within us all is that little voice who knows best. This incredibly short and simple meditation will help to remove the negativity and confusion of stress to help you hear what this voice has to say a little more clearly.

The result?

A less-stressed, happier and much healthier you.


A gift from us to you >>> Click Here to Download this Meditation MP3 (12 minutes in length) to get you started.