6 Ways to Help Increase Your Personal Magnetism

We all have a degree of personal magnetism, and working to increase this magnetism can help you to attract more positivity. Here are six simple but powerful things you can do in order to cultivate the type of personal magnetism that allow you to meet your most ambitious and exciting life goals.

1) Share Your Energy

When you're feeling enthusiastic and confident, you have a high level of personal magnetism. You share this with others just by being in the same room, boosting passion and energy in everyone. The resulting positive feedback can further increase your magnetism. So, whenever you're feeling especially good, make sure you invite others into your space.

2) Get To Know Yourself Better

Being authentic, genuine and sincere can enhance your personal magnetism. When you cultivate deep levels of self-knowledge, you can achieve more and obtain more positive experiences because you are using your whole, genuine self to attract the things you want. There are plenty of ways to boost your self-knowledge, and many of them can be accomplished with minimal time investment. For example, you might try keeping a daily journal and committing to a page of positive self-reflection each day, or you could make a list of the messages you received during childhood and consciously reject any negative myths that came from your family of origin.

3) Make More Connections

You can become more magnetic when you work to connect with people. You can do this in straightforward but effective ways. For example, just remembering little facts about others demonstrates interest and positivity, and this way of connecting will attract people to you on intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

4) Deliberately Inspire Others

Inspiring others can help them to attract more in life, and can help you to keep thinking positively as well. While this might seem like a tall order, you can inspire people simply by sharing some of the insights you have experienced as a result of learning about the Law of Attraction. For example, you might briefly explain the power of creative visualization and outline the most basic visualization exercise. When you use your positive outlook and your passion for a fulfilling future to inspire people, you can boost your personal magnetism. People will associate you with optimistic energy, the power of positive thinking and the potential for positivity.

5) Challenge And Reject Negativity

Whether negativity comes from internal or external sources, it can work to counter your personal magnetism and diminish your ability to attract the things you want. When it comes to external negativity, choosing to remove excessively pessimistic, critical or cruel people from your social circle can help you to break free of influences that might stand in the way of the positive life you want to cultivate. Meanwhile, you can cope with internal negativity by learning how to identify and defeat the critical inner voice that threatens to undermine each of us. When you hear your mind whisper doubts about your worth, value or abilities, practice replying that you are powerful  and capable of achieving anything you want.

6) Visualize Yourself As Magnetic

You can make huge changes by spending just ten or fifteen minutes on a daily exercise that aims to increase your personal magnetism. You can begin (as you do with most creative visualization exercises) by moving into a relaxed space and focusing on your breathing until you reach a meditative state. Next, imagine yourself thrumming with positive energy and magnetism, and feel your body pulling your most significant dreams and goals towards you. When you end the exercise, you should feel physically energized, intensely stimulated and fully capable of attracting the things you strive to achieve.

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