Want to Make The World a Better Place? Then Make This ONE CHANGE

Sometimes, it is the smallest change that will often have the biggest impact.

During the holiday season, in our enthusiasm to show our love and appreciation for the people in our lives, the little things that matter most can get overlooked. Large gifts and extravagant dinners can become the measure of love; what will everyone think of dinner? Have I spent enough money on so-and-so’s gifts?

However, this holiday season decide to make a change. Choose to make one simple change that will contribute not only to your own happiness, but the happiness of those around you.

What is this change you ask?

It’s simple;  speaking up.

Every time you have a kind thought about someone, tell them. Make a commitment to yourself that every time a positive or kind thought enters your mind, you will speak up and share it.

A lot of us will go through the day admiring different things in different people, but would never dream of speaking out and letting others know our thoughts. For whatever reason, many of us would rather keep our nice thoughts to ourselves instead of share them – out of embarrassment or shyness, who knows? But what you can know for sure is that with one single compliment or kind word you can transform a person’s entire day – or week – for the better.

At first, speaking up can be tough. When you’ve got into the habit of supressing your thoughts and feelings, learning to express yourself – even in a positive way – can take time. But as with most things in life, the key is to just do it.

So, when you appreciate the check-out guys friendly greeting and conversation, let him know! Admire your colleague’s new haircut? Compliment her on it! Enjoyed your meal out? Ask for your compliments to be passed on to the kitchen staff…or better still, tell them yourself!

The power of kind words and speaking our minds is majorly overlooked. But by making this one simple change you are creating a massive ripple effect – sparking positive change that will travel far beyond your sight. It can transform your relationships, not to mention your own perspective of the world – as the more positive your words become, the more reasons for positivity you’ll soon begin to find.

Want to introduce this one small change to the rest of the family or even in the office (as a subtle but effective team-building exercise)? Nothing could be easier; ask everyone to come together for a few minutes and give every person blank cards with the names of everyone else in the group on them. On each card everybody should write at least one thing they really admire about the person whose name is at the top of the card. At the end, the cards can be put back into a box or jar and everyone can take it in turns to read out the compliments given to each individual.

The mutual love and respect created from this one seemingly small and playful exercise will astound you. It’s one thing to hear a compliment from a loving friend, but to hear words of admiration or love come from an unexpected place – perhaps from someone you’ve never really connected with – can transform your entire relationship with a person for the better.

So give it a go! Commit to trying out this one small change – starting over the holidays – and make SPEAKING UP your contribution to a better life and world.