Law of Attraction Tips – Get Results More Easily

Using the Law of Attraction to create and live the life of your dreams doesn't have to be complicated. Honestly. The biggest problem that most people have, is believing that it really is as simple as it sounds.

Broken down simply, all that is required of you to make the Law of Attraction work in your favour, is to know what you want, fuel this urge with as much positivity as possible and then ‘allow’ it to unfold (i.e. by getting out of your own way!)

Having said this, I understand that there are many, many people looking for ways to give their manifesting efforts a little boost – to start attracting more of the relationships, opportunities, positivity and happiness they want to see in their life.

If this is the case for you and you’re looking to perfect the art of manifesting once and for all, here are some effective Law of Attraction tips that may be of interest to you.

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1. Write wish-lists EVERYWHERE!

Typed in your phone, scribbled in notebooks, on post-it notes stuck around your desk, on foggy bathroom mirrors…remind yourself of what it is that you want, everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you end up with forgotten lists littered under your bed…in fact, forgetting about the lists only means that you’re not worrying about them, helping you to better manifest like a pro.

2. Make-pretend.

Write yourself a letter or an email from your future self, telling you about all of the great things going on in your life a month, a year or even five years from now. As you write, get excited by how amazing your future life looks – your relationships, where you live, how you make money, your day-to-day life. This works like a treat for making your intentions crystal clear to the universe and for getting the positive vibes flowing.

3. Spend 5 minutes every day daydreaming about what it is that you want.

Each day, make a point of putting on some of your favourite music and spending at least 5 minutes thinking about all of the things you want to see most in your life. This is the perfect way to stay focused on what it is that you want. Plus, the music will help to fuel those happy feelings you’re looking to manifest more of.

4. Visualize what you want making its way to you.

Know without a shadow of a doubt, that what you want most is coming straight your way. A fun and easy way to do this, is to visualize yourself opening your hands and everything you want falling into them. For people or experiences, simply imagine yourself running towards them, smiling of course!


Don’t you just love it when something truly great and unexpected happens? The next time you’re surprised by something going unexpectedly your way, make sure to mentally thank the universe – and have an attitude of ‘I can’t wait to see what exciting and brilliant new things happen for me next!’

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