The Law Of Attraction Tips And Techniques That Give Results

There are hundreds of Law of Attraction tips and techniques out there, but which ones really work?

I’ve gathered together seven of the most interesting and practical tips we have—these are the approaches most likely to give you the results you’re looking for!

1. Visualize Through Writing

Result: You’ll keep your mind firmly focused on your goal, and you will clarify your intentions so that the Universe has a solid sense of what you want to achieve.

Technique: Grab a pen, and start making a list of words or phrases that describe the thing you’re trying to manifest. For example, if you want your ideal job to offer great colleagues, the best wage you’ve ever had, flexible hours and inspiring environment, write that all down—and keep going until you have a full picture of exactly what that job will look like.

2. Align Hopes With Expectations

Result: Your idea of what you’d like to get and what you believe you’ll actually get will no longer be in contradiction. This, in turn, will allow you send out a clear, strong and consistent intention that boosts your ability to create a better life.

Technique: Close your eyes and imagine what you want things to be like in six months. Build up this picture so that you can smell, see, hear and touch your dream, then simply inhabit this wonderful image for a few minutes. Next, see what you think things will be like in six months. If there’s a mismatch, imagine this less pleasing image of reality physically fading from view, or dissolving into nothing—let it become less real by the second, leaving you with only the original visualization of how you would truly like things to be.

3. Use a Focus Wheel

Result: Looking at this wheel daily, you’ll quickly become more grateful in a way that changes how you think and behave with regards to your greatest intention, creating a positive way of being that attracts more good things into your life.

Technique: Draw a large circle with a smaller circle inside, and divide the space between into 12 segments (leaving the inner circle blank). Write a sentence starting with “I love…” in each segment, covering some area of your life that makes you feel wonderful (e.g. your beautiful garden, your hilarious best friend, or your loving pet). Phrase your sentences in ways that really express why you love these things. Finally, find an upbeat way to write your greatest intention in the inner circle, e.g. “I love how complete my life feels now that I have found a soulmate who adores and supports me.”

TIP: If you don't know how to use a focus wheel, grab our free LOA toolkit here. It's got detailed instructions and a template.

4. Connect to an Object

Result: You’ll be constantly reminded of what you want to attract, improving your focus at both a conscious and subconscious level.

Technique: Find a small object that you strongly associate with both positive energy and the thing you want to achieve. Good examples include a necklace you got from a family member when you graduated (reminding you of your capacity to excel), a crystal traditionally associated with what you want (such as a rose quartz stone for finding love), and a stone from a favorite vacation (representing your ability to achieve the financial abundance required to travel extensively).

5. Live “As If”

Result: You vibrate on a higher frequency that brings your everyday life into close alignment with the changes you want to create.

Technique: Behave like you already have what you want. If you’re going to lose weight, for example, fill your wardrobe with clothes you’ll be able to wear, and walk with the confidence of someone with their dream body. Meanwhile, if you want to fall in love, create real space in the house for your soul mate—this can even include buying them their own chair!

6. Unclutter

Result: You remove easily forgotten sources of negativity from your life, and symbolically tidy up your mind in the process.

Technique: Get rid of things you no longer want or need, especially if they relate to periods of your life that made you unhappy or that you associate with failure. New lovers can be blocked from your life by your choice to hold onto old romantic letters, for example. Whenever you can, find a positive use for these items—thrift stores and homeless shelters could benefit from things that no longer suit your purposes.

TIP: Don't know where to start? Here is a list of 150+ things you need to get rid of as soon as possible 😉

7. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Result: You’ll stop holding yourself back from your goals, and become more empowered in your quest for success.

Technique: Write down every negative belief you have about what you want to manifest (e.g. “There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship” or “I’m not smart enough to go far in my career”). For each belief, demystify it by writing down some thoughts about where this message came from (e.g. a family member, your society, a bad experience in early life). Finally, write down a contradicting, positive belief to use as an affirmation going forward (e.g. “I can find my perfect relationship” and “I am smart and capable enough to get any job I want.”)

8. The Empty Bowl

Result: Calm racing thoughts, or get into a more positive headspace before you do further Law of Attraction

Technique: Put your hands on your knees, palms open and facing upwards, and breathe slowly and deeply. Next, begin to follow the movement of your breath—all the way down to your navel, and all the way up to your nose. Pause after each inhalation, and after each exhalation, and notice yourself becoming like an “empty bowl.” Everything should feel quiet, peaceful, still and centered.