Are You Quick to Judge Others? Find Out What This Might Mean For You

By now you may already be familiar with the concept that your life is a direct reflection of YOU.

The people, opportunities, love, realized dreams, dashed hopes, experiences and even the material things in your life are all a part of the big picture you are painting with your mind every-single-day.

As a result, everything in your life is an opportunity to reflect and learn something new about yourself. And I mean everything – the ‘dark’ moments included.

With a little bit of humility, we can all start to look a little bit closer into the shadows and dark corners of our lives – the areas we’d rather not take any of the credit for, but instead, would rather blame on others.

When we’re looking to gain some valuable insight from our not-so-finer moments, a great place to start would be with our relationships…

The next time you’re finding fault in another person or are being judgemental in general, ask yourself – could this be my issue, rather than the other persons?

When you find yourself casting judgement on those around you, ideally, the only solution should be enhanced awareness. Awareness is the only tool capable of taking your mind-set from ‘attack’ to ‘contemplation’.

Awareness is what will soften the harsh critic in your mind, helping you to stop focusing on what makes other people so different from you and instead, help you to start seeing the similarities.

By working to become more aware of when we’re thinking critically of others or judging them in some way, we are able to gain a little more perspective – and with perspective comes compassion.

Compassion being that magic elixir capable of healing all wounds.

So the next time you judge someone, be brave enough to have awareness of what you’re really doing. Judging is judging, regardless of what the other person has said or done, and the only person you condemn in your judgement is yourself.

The next step is to ask yourself – how is this judgement a reflection of me?

For example, if you find yourself inwardly cringing at your friend’s plans to rush into an unhealthy relationship with someone, ask yourself – where in my life have I been willingly entering into unhealthy relationships? Sure enough, you’ll stumble across a similar example in your own life. And as uncomfortable as it may initially feel to come down from your higher ground and recognize that you too have been taking similar action, as a result, you’ll learn something new about yourself and should have greater compassion for the other individual.

What do you find yourself judging others for the most? What can this teach you about your own life?