5 Tips For Happiness And Bliss

It is well known that happiness is important to overall health and well-being. The search for happiness is something we all have in common. How exactly can happiness be captured and experienced daily? While there is no standard answer that applies to everyone, here are five tips that may help you get to your bliss.
Do something you love: Having a hobby or interest that you enjoy doing can create a feeling of happiness when you are actively involved in the activity. Whatever you love to do whether it's photography, cooking, woodwork, creating music, or anything else that brings you joy, do it often. If you question whether your hobby is something you truly love here is a litmus test. When you look up and realize that hours have gone by but it seems like only minutes, that is a good indicator that you love it.

Surround yourself with positivity

If you are constantly around people who try to bring you down, at some point they may succeed. Alternatively if you are around people who are positive, encouraging, and supportive you are more likely to adopt that attitude as well. The same can be said for positive media. Guard what you allow your mind to view and read. If you are constantly viewing negativity on the television or in the news, you may have to significantly decrease or eliminate those sources of negativity and replace them with positive sources.

Get Moving

You don't necessarily have to do one hour of intense aerobics, but you should get out there and move. Going for a walk or a bike ride can lift the spirits. Even if you think you are not up to it, the hardest part is getting up and walking out the door. Once you are outside, you may find that time slips away from you and you're happily enjoying yourself. If you prefer to stay in, you can always put on your favorite music and dance yourself silly.


There are at least 7 Powerful Healing Properties Of Laughter. 

Seeing a live comedy show, watching a funny movie, or reading a funny website on a regular basis can make you happy. Also, try to find some comedy in everyday events. There are many opportunities to laugh throughout each day and have good-natured fun. It’s just a matter of recognizing those opportunities.

Spend time with people you love

Being around others who make you smile and laugh can have lasting effects for days. Spending some quality time with a loved one can increase your happiness and cause you to be happy long after the time has passed. You may find yourself thinking back to the fun you had with your loved one and smile. Another effect of spending time with people you love is that you will make them happy. Making others happy has a unique way of coming back to you in the way of your own happiness.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Everyone is an individual, and what will make you happy may differ from what makes others happy. Starting with these tips, however, can help you develop the drive to seek out whatever will lead you to your own personal happiness.