10 Tricks For Eliminating Stress

Excessive stress levels can easily undermine your happiness and thwart your efforts to achieve your goals. If you are feeling stressed right now, take a moment to read this short article that explains 10 ways to eradicate stress and induce a calmer state of mind.

1) Practice Breathing Exercises

Mindfulness exercises is as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. By letting any thoughts drift away and constantly bringing your attention back to the feeling of air moving in and out of your lungs, you increase your awareness of the present. Even basic mindfulness exercises are proven to enhance your brain's ability to deal with stress.

2) Paint Your Feelings

Find some materials you like, and try to purge your negative feelings by representing them on paper or canvas. You may also find it uplifting to paint a representation of the state you want to be in, creating a picture that represents calmness, love or general positivity.

3) Create A Safe And Happy Place In Your Mind

Once you are in a calm, focused state, imagine a place that makes you feel happy and at peace. You might choose a beautiful beach with the waves lapping at the shore, or picture yourself at the top of a hill. Conjure every detail of this perfect place, and return there in your mind any time your stress levels are spiraling out of control.

4) Book A Massage

A thorough, deep massage should leave you feeling revitalized and more capable of tackling life's challenges. In addition, booking a massage allows you to take quiet time for yourself, reaffirming that your needs matter.

5) Be Uplifted By Music

Listen to your favorite band, find a playlist or compilation of mellow instrumental music, or practice playing an instrument yourself. Music lifts the spirits, and the right sounds can have a dramatic influence on your mood.

6) Relax From Head To Toe

Close your eyes in a quiet room, and start by consciously letting go of any tightness in your feet. Gradually work your way up to your head, feeling your limbs become loose and heavy.
A physically relaxed body can promote mental tranquility and restful sleep. Here are 5 Powerful Relaxation Techniques Everyone Can Use.

7) Exercise In Nature

Whether you'd prefer to run or walk, exercising outdoors helps you to appreciate life's simple pleasures. Consider taking a favorite companion (whether human or canine) to enhance the experience.

8) Destroy Stress

Write each of your current worries and stresses onto a piece of paper, and then tear the paper into tiny pieces. Alternatively, enter a meditative state and picture yourself destroying representations of all of your stresses.

9) Try Gardening

Tending to plants can calm your racing thoughts and help to connect you with the world around you. As a bonus, growing herbs can certainly make home cooking more enjoyable – and tasty too!

10) Repeat Positive Mantras

When you feel your stress levels rising, train yourself to repeat certain key phrases. Empowering mantras that might work for you include everything from the simple “This too shall pass” to more specific affirmations like “I am letting go off stress, and I am moving towards happiness and success.”

How many of these 10 stress busting tricks have you tried out? Please share your experiences and any useful tips below.